New video from the Black Magic camera surfaces

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Following up on yesterday's hot announcement at NAB 2012 of the new Black Magic Cinema Camera, we've found this video that has surfaced.

We got a chance to see the Black Magic Cinema Camera yesterday at NAB but haven't made time to edit the video yet (boo planetMitch! What are you doing sleeping? HA!)

Barry Andersson (with iPhone) and Craig (CanonRumors) check out the Black Magic

We did find out that it is a micro 4/3 sensor and the base ISO is 800… we heard one of the Black Magic reps tell someone that the camera does go to ISO 1600 but there's noise and we weren't sure that it goes much over 1600 — the booth was swamped as you can expect – we're expecting that later in the week, we'll be able to get more.

The Video… unfortunately, embedding isn't allowed so you'll have to click the image to go see it.

Dan Chung finds more details

Dan Chung posted this interview about the camera on his blog:

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. I like It has a certain filmic softness, it doesn’t look too digital. It looks like it would grade very well (it should with RAW and 13 stops!), certainly grading on DSLR’s is tough with the break-up you get from the codecs.

    I did see a bit of shake in the image at times, granted it is handheld (for handheld it’s much better looking than say a 5D, which is unusable handheld with third party glass IMO) but DSLRs in general have me paranoid about jello and what I would call a certain micro-jitter in the image that comes from a lack of image stabilisation, it destroys tonnes of footage on DSLRs unless you want to go to the trouble of mounting a merlin.

    If useable footage can be gained from handheld shooting without the need for post-production fixes then it will be a great outcome (because let’s face it, fixing RS and image instability in post with DSLR is an utter utter nightmare, even with the best software).

    The video is light on DOF, I know people say that folks go overboard with the 5D and shallow DOF but this is definitely the light end of the shallowness that one would like.

    Think we’ll need to see more footage from this cam to really make up one’s mind, and seeing the RAW files would help.

    Still, it’s a very interesting cam, s35 size would be a no-brainer, s16 size we will have to wait and evaluate.

  2. GH2 Sensor + HyperDeck Shuttle + Touchscreen Monitor = ???

    I know am being unfairly reductionist, but that’s what these specs bring to mind. This is an extremely clever design at an amazing price point. I’d gladly pay double for a full frame sensor in the same package. I’d definitely choose this over an AF-100.

  3. With all the hype this is getting there are some things to think about.

    The sensor size is smaller than 4/3rds cameras. Why not 4/3rds lenses. A lot more optics would be available than expensive EF glass.

    Built in battery working for an hour and a half with a two hour recharge? Not! Come on guys. It will need an external battery.

    SDI and not HDMI for more expensive monitoring. Needs an external viewfinder as well.

  4. This camera looks amazing! I was planning on buying the 5D Mark III, but now I’m not so sure. There is no rolling shutter, better quality, raw video, ssd recording, film look and it looks amazing. I will have to make a hard decision, 5D or Black Magic. I also shoot pictures and the Black Magic can not do that, hard decision. I guess I will have wait and see more examples of each.

  5. Awesome! But, any wide fast EF lenses recommended? . I know RAW its great but for indi filmmakers post/workflow it may be a overkill. We will have to wait to see better low light tests. @Luke – for 500$ more, you’ll have a good video camera and very good stills. Also consider the sensor and the post/workflow needs.

    Expensive cameras dosnt make good films, good filmmakers do.

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