Magic Lantern hacks the Canon EOS 5D Mark III!

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Alex, who's working for the Magic Lantern team, published early this morning a photo showing the beginnings of the hack running on the Canon EOS 5D Mark III and Marvin sent us the photo via twitter. Thanks Alex and Marvin!

Obviously, it is still early and the only thing Alex has managed so far is to get the traditional “hello world” text to display (a traditional thing for programmers to show that they've gotten a good start), but there's a hope that they'll be able to add additional code from the Magic Lantern arsenal to the Canon EOS 5D Mark III.

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Magic Lantern hack starting on the Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Here's the post on the Magic Lantern google groups thread:

Alex's post on the Magic Lantern Google groups thread

(cover photo credit: snap from Marvin!)


  1. lavishly! would be so cool if Magic Lantern could have created a sharper image (optimized settings) straight out from the camera!

  2. with the price of camcorders coming down, why bother?

    The MkIII, like the mk II, is an excellent still camera with a movie facility. However, it is a still camera

    1. Why bother? Because most camcorders still do not allow for much creative control of depth of field due to their sensors. Camcorders cannot compete with the amount of prime and speciality lenses that still cameras have.
      I agree, many times the best tool is a video camera, but price is not the real issue, it is artistic control.
      Low light shooting and exposure latitude are two more considerations.

  3. Hopefully, Magic Lantern will give us clean HDMI out, thereby making the 5D3 almost as good as the $15K D1C. Come on Magic Lantern, do your stuff!!!

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  5. hopefully, ML can hack (“repair” my be a better word) soon, any of dslr to capture fullframe resolution so that we can capture video frame size as big as photo size (5K x 4K)

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