LensProToGo at NAB 2012

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I recorded a quick overview of the services from LensProToGo – and Megan was so kind as to put up with my goofy questions.

If you're in the US and are looking to rent some gear, give LensProToGo a try – their on the phone support is stupendous!


Blogger's disclaimer… LensProToGo has sent me gear in the past without charging me, but lord knows they won't do that any more after they see how I treated their gear HA!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. Just Curios ,
    all/most posts have a disclaimer below the posts;
    ABC… has provided ….. in the past to planet5D
    XYZ … supports planet5D

    I’m Luckily not American, but are all Americans STUPID , that you would need a disclaimer below each and every(most) post’s to tell the people that planet 5d make’s/could make money, or are supported by the company/product the post is about.
    is it really necessary , cant you just put a * asterisk to a general paragraph somewhere, or WHY does it have to be said each and every day.

    WHO runs a blog if their is nothing in it for him/her, isnt it obvious that you earn a living from the blog/ get a income.

    or better still, have a version for people who can think for themselves ( AKA non Americans) as the average American are known (outside of america) that they struggle to think for themselves

    1. Author

      Richard, thanks for your comment! I know it is a bit of overkill to post it on every blog post, but it has indeed become crazy – and it isn’t just here in the USA, but it is true that there are regulations here in the US that require me to post a disclaimer. I also just feel it is better that people know so there isn’t any confusion and maybe, just maybe, they’ll trust me a little more knowing I’m disclosing any relationships instead of trying to hide things. That’s my hope at least.

      I do appreciate you reading planet5D tho!

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