How often do you use Magic Lantern?

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We've certainly mentioned Magic Lantern around here many times, but I was wondering the other day exactly how many of you use it on a regular basis… so I thought we'd just go ahead and ask.

How often do you use Magic Lantern?

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  1. I Would like to finally see the stable release of the 5D MII unified firmware.
    A test version is only available to donators since the beginning of the year…

    1. There are more recent builds than the December version, which are compatible both with the 5DmkII and the rest of the cameras supported by the unified version, which are far more stable than the original release (although it is still considered as beta). Make sure to follow the twitter feed (@autoexec_bin) to get the latest build.

  2. Got the Magic Lantern and installed it on my 50d. Not knowing how to take movies I think for the 50d it is a great addition to a Great Camera without having to buy a newer camera. Have to congradulate Magic Lantern on thier fine work doing this for us. I am just a hobbiest and retired so money is tight. but Its gota be the best thing going for the camon 50d

  3. I get a little misty thinking about how far ML has come. It was basically just a toy when I first started using it, too slow and unstable for production use. Now, I think you’d have to be crazy NOT to use it. Expanded focus while shooting, manual kelvin settings and variable frame rate (not to mention the waveform monitor) make my T3i into quite a serious camera.

  4. Recently checked all my lenses with a focus test chart.
    With ML I used the Focus Peak option to check how much front or back focus occurs. Luckily no front or back focus present.
    When shooting I use the Focus Peak function to quickly check if the area I was focussing on is indeed outlined.
    For a better sharpness check I use the “Zoom in play mode : Fast+100%”

    On a few occasions I shoot a video or a 5 picture HDR.
    I used ISO 25600 twice.

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