There aren’t many Canon EOS 5D Mark III shorts out yet, and most of what you’ve seen so far are ‘test’ videos – well, “Copelandia” is another (at least that’s what the guys who made it called it), but yet it is a complete story – and it was completed in only 8 days!


Production Diary episode #1

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From Luke:

Copelandia is a short film that was conceived, written, shot, edited, scored, and uploaded in 8 days.

I liked the idea of taking a new camera, like the 5D Mark III, and testing it out on a short film. When new cameras first hit the market, YouTube and Vimeo are flooded with test videos that don’t have much substance to them. They are very useful, but after you have seen one, you have seen them all.

Some of the decisions I made on this short were directly influenced by some of those early test videos. I tried to combat the “softness” of the camera by only using my sharpest lenses (Nikkor Ai-s 50mm f 1.2 and 28mm f 2.8) at their ideal apertures (f5.6 and f8 respectively).

I also wanted to show what the camera could do in a short film without being graded, so I made the decision to shoot in Neutral with Sharpness turned up one notch. The only thing I did in post production was Contrast match and add a fine layer of 35mm Film Grain for texture.

My overall goal with this short was to make the viewer forget they were watching a “test video” for a new camera. I wanted the look of it to take a back seat to the story. While a lot of time was spent on the look, I feel like I was able to accomplish that on some level.

Turns out the 5D Mark III CAN produce a decent looking short film. Go figure. Would this have looked any better on a RED or even the BlackMagic Design camera? Maybe a little, but you probably wouldn’t have been paying attention to that anyways. This short film, like most, is about the story.

Our thanks to Luke Neumann for sending us this!

What did you think? Like the story? Did the Canon EOS 5D Mark III do ok?

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)