Canon’s Chuck Westfall speaks with planet5D at NAB 2012

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We had the chance to speak with Canon's Chuck Westfall at NAB 2012 and we know you want to hear what he has to say!

Canon's Chuck Westfall

[tentblogger-youtube 8EIdV4mAcpo]


So, how'd we do on asking Chuck questions? Anything we missed?

UPDATE: I thought it would be good to also share this interview from Richard Harrington [tentblogger-vimeo 40613959]

And this one from Dan Chung: [tentblogger-vimeo 40601527]

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. hey guys…. please…. next time use a proper mic. The sound is very poor. Also the image quality is not really top for a DSLR blog. You should know how to use the camera. Sorry for that but really…. you cannot post a quality like that.

    1. Author

      Hey Pedro

      Thanks for your comments. I agree that the sound isn’t the best, I am trying out different mic options for the layman shooter.

      It is tough trying to use existing conditions in a place like NAB to get the best audio/video but we’re learning.

    2. Author

      In my defense, I’ve seen plenty of other news crew shots from NAB and some of them are not any better than ours… and we didn’t have 3 and 4 man crews shooting (and some of them still getting not so great sound to boot)

  2. thanks for your answere. I really like your page and visit it for the news every day – also on my iPad.
    I would use an external mic for interviews and record to an external recorder like the H4N. 50% of a video is sound.
    As the people don´t move its easy with the focus.

    anyway – I like your page a lot. Greets from Austria

    1. Author

      In this particular case, we did use external mics – two Rode mics mounted on each camera (which obviously weren’t that good for this situation) and the Fostex iPhone adapter which I was holding just at my waist pointing up. I had hoped it would provide a bit better sound as it was pointing toward the ceiling, but as I said, another lesson learned 🙂

  3. Guy looks like Hitchcock from the side.

    Thanks for the video. One thing that stuck with me is the fact that he said Canon is looking to be a player at all price ranges.

  4. First rate interview, Mitch. I liked the fact that you didn’t just toss softballs. You asked some potentially tough questions and Chuck responded candidly.

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