Some preliminary results on the Nikon D800 – best sensor ever? But what about moire?

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Several reports out this morning… first up, Nikonrumors reports on the DXO results for the Nikon D800 placing it #1 and then second, a test of the moire on the D800 (hint: it isn't looking very good)

Update – on twitter I just came up with a funny phrase I should have used in the title — “That's a' moire!”

sorry for delays in posting… I'm on a film project trying to do double duty for the next week… more on that coming!

DXO lab report on the Nikon D800

From Nikonrumors:

After the Nikon D4 got the second best DxOMark overal score on Tuesday, today there is a new king – the Nikon D800 is the new #1 – it even got a higher score than the Phase One IQ180 digital back. The detailed stats are available on DxoMark

There are more screenshots of charts etc… so follow the link!

What do you think? Well, for video, maybe not so good… keep reading…

Oh, and I was going to post this the other day and got busy… listen to what Jim Brandenburg has to say about the Nikon D800 after using prototypes for a month! [tentblogger-youtube uXwfxweNDro]

D800 Moire

[tentblogger-youtube DXx9qOHXBLg]

(translation by google grin)

Morie effect

After I myself been the Nikon D7000 is now on the D800 I switched, I could get used to the new cam pretty fast.
What I immediately noticed when Live View is now a distinction between photo and video mode. I.e. it can only be recorded in video mode.
The record button is ergonomically very used to. Above all a bit too far away. The Daumenbedieung like the D7000, I found much more pleasant.

The camera automatically detects DX or FX lenses and viewfinder displays as opposed to the correct picture. In the viewfinder, a frame is displayed.

Output on HDMI, unfortunately I could not test it yet, but the menu can be selected following HD. 720p and 1080i
No 1080p

Das.Display is crisp and readable even in bright sunlight.
The stereo audio level is displayed immediately.
Audio control is above the intake of 1-20 or auto / off possible.

As far as the exposure is not everything as you want.

In manual mode, the speed and aperture while recording belibig changed in steps.
This is an automatic iris to automatically change shutter speed and ISO
In the automatic mode, the aperture can be selected and the time is adjusted automatically.
in shutter priority, which would be the ideal setting for films, may be the time as 1/50 set is not fixed. Here you can set the video mode does nothing.
For me, a big minus!

So while the films, it is not possible to cover soft ändern.somit is always a jump inside.

AF is present but not usable. Much too loud! What is also dependent on the lens.
He makes the point quite well sharpness.

Videos are processed as compared to the D7000 with a much better codec! Could not find artifact so far.

The rolling shutter is present but has its limits. When recording a moving laterally out of the car, the houses were only slightly oblique.

What is noticed is the extreme effect Morrie! In the video, good to see flickers the rooftops of the houses completely.

I hope you managed to have a brief overview.

more was unfortunately not yet possible


What has struck me since yesterday positive, an infinitely variable change of the diaphragm is STILL possible. In which one does not use the dial, but occupied the two buttons on the camera next to the lens on and dim!
Thus you can with your index and ring fingers, the super visor under control.

Second The point I was criticized, not the ergonomic trigger the video function.
can this be fixed, where it sets the video mode, start / stop on the camera releases. These switches are active when the button and automatically the LV.

By the way, many keys can be freely configured to operate the camera a lot more intuitive.

For fans of Timelaps
Nikon has added a feature in which a time-lapse video is written directly to video, so much data and rendering time is eliminated.
But then no zoom or movement in the video possible.
However, it remains in a manual shutter and is not switched to electronic. (Remains the clack ;-))

Did you see that?

Nikon D800 first Hands on Morié effect RAW clip

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. It’s like a medium format camera in dslr body and much cheaper. You can’t beat that.
    High resolution = less chance of moire
    Sharpest dslr camera (no blur filter)

  2. “High resolution = less chance of moire”


    Yeah, that is what the video clip showed and text told us, too.

  3. Hi
    niced that you like my Video

    No I´m filme on a Projekt in the Alps.
    I will put some more Footage online next week.

  4. Our little real world test didnt show any moire, having said that I havent been peeping very hard. In fact, it caught me off guard, I ‘m planning to put the camera on the charts because I need to look at it closely and check to see the settings are correct.

    I’ll let you know or better yet I’ll just post my findings on vimeo. Cheers

  5. I’d love to know how this guy got that moire to that extent. I’ve posted videos with bricks and chimneys, and its there, but not beyond what you expect from a DSLR. Rather less than some.

    Great camera so far.

    I also own Canons if that helps 🙂

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