planet5D hands on with the Canon EOS 5D Mark III

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In this post, we're going to share the 2 videos we made to cover the Canon EOS 5D Mark III announcement. The first one was shot during the Canon preview of the Canon EOS 5D Mark III and you'll hear a little from Chuck Westfall and you'll see some of our additional hands on video. In the second video, I sat down with Barry Andersson who traveled with me to the preview and we outline our thoughts – especially at the end we give some feedback as to who we think might be the right target for each camera.

UPDATE: Pre-Order Canon EOS 5D Mark III thru B&H now available and now Amazon pre-order as well!

For more on the Canon EOS 5D Mark III announcement, please see this planet5D coverage:

Hands on with the Canon EOS 5D Mark III!

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Barry and I comment on Canon EOS 5D Mark III hands on

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  1. sorry but… and underwhelming piece of junk from canon that is also overpriced big time. Especially since D800 kicks it’s butt in almost every way as far as new features and for $500 less. It’s clear Canon is going for yet again more video features and leaving PHOTOGRAPHERS out of their mindset. Heaven forbid photo improvements on a photo camera. Been using Canon for 7 years professionally. Guess it is time to finally make the switch to Nikon. I couldn’t be more disappointed. What happen to 30, or 40+mp sensor? How can we not even have multi in camera exposure, the nikon has had this for years. Unbelievable.

    1. I guess they had professional photographers in mind when they designed this. If you shoot a lot of assignments, you don’t want 30-40+ megapixels. Especially not if it would make the ISO performance worse. I’m actually surprised to see 22 megapixels. I thought they’d found a sweet spot with 18mp on the 1Dx..

      Anyway, the 5d Mk II was a great tool for photojournalists all over the world. Now they’ve fixed the AF, given us more ISO to work with, and better metering.. So I don’t think they’ve left out photographers..

      1. Well… you can be wrong… and you are… sorry. Compared to the PHOTO features being seen with the Nikon D800, it is leaving canon in the dust. And for 1k more in price then the Mk2 we get what? Better focusing? that should have been fixed 3 years ago? Ohhhh now we can shoot at ISO 20,000? yea that is really practical. Better metering? Sorry I am a professional and shoot on manual mode I don’t rely on AV metering systems. More mega-pixels can not be bad, sorry. Memory is cheap these days, having a 30mp camera sensor is not really going to kill you that much. Besides… another camera company did it….. oh that is right… Nikon wins again. So sad. And lets talk about price jumps. $1k more for mk3, new flash is $630!!! new 24-70mk2 is $1k price bump. It’s insane.

  2. 36mp are for NOOBs and people who like to crop like hell because they can´t afford a 400mm or 500mm lens.

    nikon 800d pictures show an ugly graininess.
    what makes it unusable fopr me to crop tight.. becase then i see that crain.

    and from the enhanced resolution i can not spot much.

    the 5D NK3 is bit by bit the better camera for professionells.

    let the noobs play with big and bloated 36mp files.

  3. Overpriced upgrade. Nothing interesting. Canon does not listen to customers.

  4. Peter,

    You’re an xxxx (removed – we don’t call names around here). Yes, noobs like shooting Hasselblads. I have no idea what graininess you’re talking about re d800 because it isn’t there.

    The d800 and 5D3 are not direct competitors, except in price, which Nikon wins there too.

    The 5D3 looks nice, but without clean HDMI out, or 50mb internal recording (neither of which it will do to protect the C300) I’m not interested. Sad, as I’ve owned a lot of Canons over the last 3 years.

    Very happy they fixed the AF though!

    1. Did you ever think that Canon had that in mind, and is releasing – as they’ve mentioned subtly MANY times – a video model that comes in below the C300?

    2. mark….. obviously.. hasselblad is a MF camera not a FF camera.

      get some clue what you are talking about before comparing things.

      beside that the D800 pictures have ugly grain when viewed 1:1 and im not the only one noticing that.

  5. Does it have a global shutter or rolling shutter? I ask, because I want to know if there’s still going to be the “jello” shake effect when recording video.

    1. Author

      It does not have a global shutter. But we have been told that the jello is significantly reduced because of the way they’re reading data off the sensor. Obviously until we get our hands on for a full test, we don’t know for sure.

  6. Peter,
    Mark was refering to your comment that said noobs use high megapixels. That’s why he brought up hassleblad, I’m sure he knows the difference. No need to be mean.

  7. As a 7D owner, I’ll probably save my pennies for one and no doubt purchase just before the next generation 7D launches but tend to agree with Jonathan Palfrey, ‘Faster frame rates is the thing I really want to see in new cameras, how long until we see a 720p/120fps camera?’

    Like everyone else am also waiting for an objective and accurate side by side footage comparison with the 5D2, the C300 AND the new Nikon(s) BEFORE I make any further purchasing decisions. Anyone know of a new Zacuto shootout in the works that will include the 5D3?

  8. Hey guys its great to hear about the new camera. Maybe from now on when you guys shoot your segments you can use a wireless lav to an HN4 zoom and also add a light kit to pop the faces. It will make the interviews look and feel more professional. Dont take it the wrong way just trying to help.

  9. AWESOME camera … now I gotta save money to buy it. But I wish they had kept the price under $3000

    1. Good question, but not one that anyone who shoots video professionally would ever ask.

      With moving objects focus is constantly changing and the cameras don’t have and i assume won’t have the speed for years to be able to calculate and capture this in crisp real time.

      The 5 and 10x focus tool in the Canons works great as is. Peaking levels on video assist monitors also help.

  10. No one talks about not having video auto-focus on the new 5d mark III. Isn’t easier to shoot video with auto-focus? or can you use a lens that auto focuses? What am I missing? Sorry for the questions…i am an amature fotographer. I enjoy taking pictures and video of my kids playing spots.

  11. I like how all of the posts that were made talking about how people didn’t like the 5dmk3 are ‘hidden’. funny how that works. Just sayin

  12. Canon $3,500 for a friggin headphone jack?

    After a great run of impresive products Canon – this falls squarely under the heading of LUNCHBAG LETDOWN – IF video/DSLR is your professional world.

    No 1080p 60 fps, no 4:4:4 or even LESS than that would be an improvement, no 10 bits, no true HDMI out, etc., etc.,

    I have the money but no need for this minimal upgrade.

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