Nikon D4 video test-1

Nikon D4 video tests trickling in

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There’s just so much going on right now it is crazy! The Nikon D4 is in the hands of a few lucky people and seems to have started shipping in a couple of areas, so some videos are starting to trickle out. The first one is pretty nice; good testing of some natural low light with good stable camera work. The second is a bit disconcerting and I’m hoping it isn’t indicative of handheld work. Especially since it is one of the first videos we’ve seen where the video autofocus is tested…

Nikon D4 video test (ISO 800 / 1080p / 25fps)

[tentblogger-youtube TO4CakWncVo]

My first low light test with the Nikon D4.
Available light only.

[tentblogger-youtube sjYXrCaLPtk]

Nikon D4 – Full HD sample video
real world tests – including crop mode, changing aperture and focus whilst filming.

If he was really using the new Nikon D4 autofocus available while recording video, color me not impressed (tho I wasn’t expecting to be impressed frankly).


One of the first unboxing videos

[tentblogger-youtube 7tzB4a1AyJo]

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


the d4 wins against 5d 2 and 5d3 and d800. I am really impressed..


I have a working sample of the Nikon D4in my hands and a Nikkor 85mm f1.4 G and had this project going on, so I re shot everything with it, and although I wish they had given me more lens choises I managed...


How exactly does that 60d video beat the D4 hands down?


Thanks for posting your D4 video showing the copping option, I cant seem to get my D4 to do this, do you have any links to the manual that would help in re-creating this function? Jeff