Fire and Brimstone – one guy’s reaction to the Canon EOS 5D Mark III

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I'm not sure why anyone would do this, but here you go… Oli Kember posted this video where he appears to take a Canon EOS 5D Mark II, burns it and then takes a hammer to it. Stunt? Publicity? or was the camera a fake or not working? Oli isn't telling.

5D Mark iii Announced – My Reactions

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5D Mark iii Announced - My Reactions on Vimeo

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  1. It looks more like a 5D2, rather than a 5D3 that he was destroying… More fuel should have been poured onto the camera so that we can get that blistering and withering effect when plastic burns…

    Ofcourse the result would have been better if it was shot with an actual 5D3 (recording the video rather than being destroyed) at high ISO with low ambient lighting and only the fire as a main light source.

  2. I see…in the world of trustfunders…$3,500 is a fair price to pay for a headphone jack.

  3. As always – what was once the greatest thing on the planet becomes a worthless piece of junk when the upgrade is announced.

    Does the 5D MkII still have quality? Value? People are so quick to discredit the ‘old’ for ‘new’. (Of course the MkIII is better, but is the MkII still great?)

    1. Yes, It still is a great camer and will continue to be. A lot of people are now actually buying a Mark II because the price has dropped as a result of the release of the Mark III.

  4. But its true, people used to look at one like a good for showing up on set with 5D2 now its all without meaning, I am lucky I will get the half of the original price now for used 5d2. But i feel as if part of my dreams has died with the announcement of 5d3. I prefer to really wait for c300 or scarlet to drop price to become god again, industry is simply too saturated, its a harakiri for 5d2 and me as film artists, 5d3 has even more settings, even 5d2 was never good enough, imagine even more options, of course its better to just destroy the camera then admitting that we still dont have a clue what to do with it:)

  5. Not only is this guy a total bafoon, but frankly I resent that this nonsense would even be posted here, from a guy that’s obviously just looking for a little exposure. We are all supposed to be professionals, yet this act and the response of some of you regarding a new camera, with upgraded technology is simply amateurish. Are you going to stop driving your existing car just because a new one, utilizing the latest advancements in science and technology, has been created? Of course not. So why are we complaining about advances in camera technology? How many of you are using computers that are at least two years old? Do you complain every time a new one’s created? If you do, you are certainly wasting your time. Our civilization depends upon the genius of creation, and new developments in every aspect of our lives. Embrace the new technology for what it is, and get the most out of everything you currently own, for as long as you can. You are not limited by the technology, but by the limitations you place upon yourself by your thoughts. If you think your current model camera is “a worthless piece of junk,” then it probably is – for you. Sell it to someone that is inspired to create and would give anything to have your ancient 5D MKll, and go do something else. I feel extremely fortunate to have two 5D MKll’s. If and when I can afford it, I will certainly invest in a new MKlll but in the meantime I will do everything possible to get the very most out of what I own. We live in a throw away world, and it’s not the fault of advancements in science and technology, it’s the fault of people that think that what was once great is suddenly rendered useless. Look back at all of the great videos that have been shot with the MKll, as well as the revolution that has taken place in our industry – mostly due to one ingenious camera: The Canon 5D MKll!

  6. His video is good at getting a reaction, it looks like. I would assume the camera was probably broken before he burned it. That, or he’s got too much money, which some people happen to have.

  7. Stupid… I don’t get why people only see the “headphone jack” and totally disregard all the other GREAT & more important features of the 5d3….

  8. Its worse than stupid –

    First of all its a copy, a guy burned a Ferrari 355 and displayed it as art. It got him “exposure” so now there will be many copycats with no original thought. (the original was stupid)

    Second, I am sure it was a non-working unit (so was the ferrari for that matter)

    Third, its a fantastic way to come off as an ass. Obviously, no matter what you you think of recycling – throwing away even just the outer shell is idiotic. So much can be done with the buttons, circuit, hell, send it to a fabricator of DSLR rigs.

    Fourth, if it was a working unit, with talented people out there who honestly could advance their career – destroying the camera is insulting and shows lack of character on the part of the owner.

    If the video was about showing people that old is not bad, and causing people to get mad, you could have just burned a box, or an obviously fake camera. My guess is that is the intention of the video – to anger folks into thinking twice before blindly buying the NEW THING just for trivial upgrades like a headphone jack. But, there are better ways to do that, you could make one out of popsicle sticks and make it look like a 5d2 – or boxes, and destroy that to make fun of all the people dumping perfectly good cameras that are paid for – for 3500 dollars worth of relatively small upgrades.

    I probably will get a 5d3, but will keep the 5d2. I have a 7d as well, and if a replacement of the 7d (better be amazing) came out, I would just give the 7D to my wife to learn on. (she has interest and is always borrowing my gear- but having her own would be nice)

    I said conclusion 400 words ago – sorry, bye

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