edelkrone announces the focus plus – a NAB 2012 teaser

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Focus Plus is an innovative piece of equipment which has been designed from the ground up to give the users the best focusing experience with the most precision ever possible in the world.

Please visit our booth at NAB2012 to see the focus plus up close.
Booth Number: C12439

the focus plus – an NAB 2012 teaser

More on the focus plus

FOCUS PLUS separates the focus marker from the focus wheel and puts it right next to the lens. This eliminates all the precision problems sourced from the imperfections of the gearbox and the rest of the mechanical structure. A focus marker placed right next to the lens gives an unprecedented precision ever possible with a follow focus.

The belt driven mechanism enables soft starts and stops and gives the most fluid follow pulls ever possible by human hand.

Focus Plus with its handle simply kills two birds with one stone.
Thanks to this handle it is now possible to focus with comfort.

With the handle you will feel much more in control with both focusing and the rest of the system.

The handle can take many comfortable positions easily.

Handle will eliminate the need for any extra handles and you will have a more practical and lighter setup to work with

The handle structure is super solid and has been designed to withstand even the toughest production conditions.

There's more info on the edelkrone focus plus page

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  1. I have found that they change their prices for the better too. The Pocket Rig is particularly useful. Will wait to see this one – in particular, the quality of the gearing and whether it is direct or belt driven.

  2. Looks like another bad design from a company that I’m shocked is still around. Who buys this stuff?

  3. Design, or rather, execution, seems nice. I say seems, as I have not seen a real item nor a review.

    I don’t think the design is bad, per se but it (this new FF) seems to be a solution to a problem I did not know I had – handheld follow focus work doesn’t feature highly for me. Using a FF usually means a completely different production workflow for a project and an angled FF is usually enough.

  4. The guys from Edelkrone offer very high grade built quality – better than any chinese/indian manufacturer…even most us companies, well the name says it all “edelkrone”…..a german word :-) Even the guys are from turkey

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