Denz shows off Canon EOS 5D Mark III PL mount body

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Hans-Jürgen Götz sent me this and I thought some of you might want to see… it is an extension of what Denz has been doing with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II but they've now shown a Canon EOS 5D Mark III version already at the Canon roadshow in Stuttgart, Germany the other day.

Here's their page for the Denz Canon EOS 5D Mark II PL mount.

Our thanks to Hans for sending it in!

Hans-Jürgen Götz photo of the Denz PL mounted Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Hans-Jürgen Götz photo of the Denz PL mounted Canon EOS 5D Mark III

The Canon evo collection

The Canon evo collection is a forward-looking development on the DSLR camera market. With the three Canon evo cameras, all 35mm lenses fitted with PL54 & PANA-Mount, can be used. In order to realize this, large modifications of the stock canon-camera had to be done. The originally used sensor-block will be replaced by a new custom made sensor-block, so that the camera-body just contains the electronics.

The sensor-block, the PL54-Mount and the support bracket are building a statically determined unit. In order to avoid a wrong flange depth caused by temperature, the sensor-block is made of a special steel, a material with a super low coefficient of expansion, which is also used in space technology. The PL54 & PANA-Mount and the sensor-block are positively tied with a support-bracket, which is made of heavy-duty aluminium (constructal), manufactured from solid material as used in aircraft construction. At the bottom of the support bracket there is one 3/8“ thread to mount the camera and 4 srews to take the load off the camera body. The shutter-unit remains in the camera. For that reason, still-photography in Manual Exposure Mode is still possible, by using Live View to focus.

(cover photo credit: snap from Han's photo)


  1. interesting that the 5D MARK II EVO product page says long recording length and 60fps… on a Mark 2?


    Pixel effective
    21,1 Megapixel
    Digic 4
    100 – 6.400

    extendable: 25.600
    3,0 Zoll (7,6cm), TFT 920.000 Pixel, non-reflecting
    Movie type
    MOV H.264
    Movie size
    24, 25 and 30 fps progressive (1920×1080)

    50 and 60 fps progressive (1080×720)
    Movie length
    29min 59sec

  2. I’d be surprised if it worked. I tried 2x different Denz 7D mods, and both of them developed error codes within weeks of purchase. Never had any problems with my standard 7D bodies. I eventually got my money back. Amazed Denz is still in business. Wish I spent more time researching what else was out there before I made that purchase.

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