Canon EOS 5D Mark III shutter sound at 6fps!

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Everyone loves to know what the shutter on a new camera sounds like so when we were getting our hands on the Canon EOS 5D Mark III we recorded the shutter sounds for you.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III shutter sound!

[tentblogger-youtube 5BFzSTZaMLo]

What do you think?

It is a bit different than the Canon EOS 5D Mark II but it is a good sound if you ask me.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. Ouh Yeah! It would be great to see specifically qcomo behaves in video and features. O is directed exclusively to photography?

  2. Nice post, but I wish you had put a 5D II side by side. It’s hard to gauge the sound of the 5D III shutter on this video without having a frame of reference.

    I personally dislike the clacking sound of 5D II so a damper clack sound is a nice welcome.

  3. quite the zippy shutter there! Looking forward to buying my 5D3 after prices settle down somewhat!

  4. bummer, I was hoping it would sound like the 7D. I like the quiet, super-fast electronic sound of the 7D. This sounds more like the loud slamming mirror of my older 5D mk I.

    1. Yeah.. Its because it is over twice the size of the 7D’s mirror and shutter mechanism…………..

  5. Should I buy this instead of a 1DS MKIII, I dont use video so what is the adavantage?

  6. I still can’t believe GPS and Wifi are still external option and not included onboard…

    every smartphone has them now on a smaller and cheaper form factor… But instead Canon is focusing on the shutter sound? Really?

    Am I the only who don’t give a damn about the shutter sound?

    1. Author

      Phil, I can agree with you on your questions about GPS and WiFi (as well as I wish there were an intervalometer) but you’re missing the important details of improved image quality and mucho reduced moire. And yes, you’re the only one who doesn’t care about the shutter sound 🙂

      1. Oh I haven’t comment on other improvements.

        So can someone can tell me what’s so important in the shutter sound? Why? How? etc…

        I’m not picking on anyone or being ironic, I’m really trying to understand why it’s so important for all of you. I personally don’t care much about it… so please, elaborate…


        1. Not really that important to me unless it sounds like a shutter and I know there isn’t one there – such as a camera phone or the like. 🙂
          If I had to describe a preference of any kind, I guess to my ear it should have the sound of precision instrument. The best example other than a (camera shutter) would be like a quick snap of a heavy pair of scissors. I would not consider it important myself in such that I would consider any one camera over another. If that were the case I would not have purchased my ‘thumpy’ sounding mkII. Only the precision mechanical quality the sound infers.

    2. Please do not think I an picking on you Phil, Mitch either, just that I have always been curious about this ‘feature’.
      I have asked many people why GPS is needed, or of any significance to complain that a manufacturer does not build it into a given body. Over the years I have gotten many different answers, though none that would validate it as a ‘need’. Everything from being used to organize your library of photos (given that you have some software that supports such filtering) – to reasons lacking in such substance to be considered anything more than proving you were ‘there’. Maybe I am too old fashioned to get the importance it plays in the daily lives of our socially networked masses today, I don’t know.

      The most interesting reason I have heard over the years is the ability to get back to where the shot was taken. I find this intriguing but not because I see it as any rationalization, but more in that it feels completely contradictory to what is apparently an old fashioned perspective of photography? I mean from my earliest days in photography (mid/late 70s) I have hacked through jungles, portaged rivers, scaled mountains, and basically chased the horizon in achieving at least one great shot of whatever I was after or saw along the way. The challenge and satisfaction in getting that one great shot was a culmination of many things that in sum directly contradict the benefit of a GPS – simply being that I-may-not-ever-be-able-to-get-here-again.

      1. I understand, but I’m actually coming from a complete opposite way I think. I’m not photographer for 30+ years… actually I even don’t consider myself as a photographer yet.

        But what I’m loving in GPS feature, is in fact the way to easily organized your pictures, be able to come back later, as well sharing them on social networks, etc…

        You could say: Well, we can add all this tag in application…. You’re right, but the idea is to get all metadata even before to take a pictures… removing any post-work.

        For instance, I wish I could set some keywords: Weddings, June, Location Name, People Name, Year, etc… directly on the camera, and have them automatically on all photos I will do for the day, as well as location GPS coordinates.

        Like probably a lot of people, I do have tons and tons of content files, from pictures to music, to movies and work documents, etc… and I’m a terrible person when it comes to organize those files. I wish I could have a way to have them organized even before to create them… GPS is one of them.

        That’s “my” reason why… 🙂

  7. I like my 7D at 8fps… wish the MKIII went that fast. Is it worth the 3K in tag after I sell my 7D… Dunno… gotta think about that one.

  8. Sorry Phil, but they sound like great reasons to have a GPS if you are using a powershot. The need for that in a top end camera like the Mark3 has not been included, as it is a feature that pros (who’s opinions and suggestions are the reason why canon made the camera the way it is) do not need. As for shutter sound, this is just a little blog, highlighting ONE single point about the camera that some people care about. I’m sure there is a blog somewhere, where you can discuss why the GPS should have been included

  9. You are surely right Dan, I’m perhaps not Pro enough to know it.

    What I see I’m moving and traveling a LOT, preparing a motorcycle world tour you could follow and see online. I’m coming from the powershots world and I’ve been using a 40D for few years only, because I wanted a better pictures, more control, better optics (I had Zeiss sponsor for a year and their lenses were Great)… But I was missing features that even my iPhone can do.

    Why should I need to take a picture with my phone before to shoot with the DSLR, and then reorganize files on a computer later before to push them online?

    My perfect goal would be to even Not have any computer and just use the iPad. On motorcycle, there’s definitely not room for extra useless gear.

    I was hoping (maybe wrong and false hope), to wait for a new top high DSLR, such the 5D3 or 7D2 would fix this problem, because if they did, it would definitely help me.

    But you’re probably right and it’s maybe not a pro use and I should just be content with a powershot or a cheaper DSLR with GPS.

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