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  4. Denis

    I have Canon material for 30 years, I regularly change my matérial, I have the EOD 5D mk2 since its availability.
    I am waiting for a long time for this mk3, I hoped at least video autofocus and integrated flash…
    Ah HDR is available and 6 fps is interesting but at this price it is scandalous… I am so sorry: bye bye Canon.

    1. Brian

      Auto focus in video would put a lot of hardworking camera assistants like myself out of business and auto focus usually is more of hassle then a benefit on most cameras. If it was available on the mk iii I am sure people would hate it for one reason or another and wind up pulling the focus themselves.

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  8. redeyedfly

    dont be sore consumer. its a revolution of the 5d system packing many of the same features found in the $7k 1dx system for half the price. I seriously doubt initial sticker shock will be enough for any devout-ed canon fans to pitch all of the lens (esp. if they have had them since the first mkII) and convert to nikon. I just don’t see it happening.

    Once all of the great reviews and rave about how good the mkIII is and what a good deal it is….im sure everyone like Denis will reconsider.

    1. Denis

      Maybe if Canon reconsider its price I will reconsider, It is not the first time I Am desapointed by Canon, it is for that reason I am so uncompromising, and when I see the price of the new 24-70 2.8 I think the way choosen by canon is to sell less matérial and to loss a lot of canon fans .

    1. Author

      Actually – I found the answer in the book – it is on page 316 — how to set the bracketing to 2,3,5, or 7 shots

      1. Gary A.

        Excellent, thank you! Geez, you’d think they would reference that on p. 170

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  10. Xabier

    I have a problem with the Mark III, the other day I was filming and I lost the signal for the external monitor connect via hdmi to the camera, and I though was the cable but when I disconnect I have not image in the camera, the only way was taking of the battery, any suggestions about it??

  11. Atif Ali Khan

    Just unboxed Mark 3, it’s amazing, stylish, intuitive and the best gun in that price to shoot your dreams. I feel so good because it’s got the look. Been a Nikon fan all my life still worship the lenses.

    Very happy.

    My vimeo channel all made on 300S

  12. Janice McConaha

    I want to view helpful tips on operating my 5D mark III, I do not want to load on a card. Study on my computer as recommended by you techs. I want to learn the features of focus for fast moving birds.

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