Canon EOS 5D Mark III LIVE unboxing today on planet5D

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If everything goes to plan (and you know how that goes! HA), today at 2pm EDT, 1pm CDT and 6pm GMT, I'll be doing a live unboxing of the Canon EOS 5D Mark III live from the planetarium (also known as my house)! Plus, you can join in with Q&A via the chat room in the planet5D live page.

I was notified Friday by my local camera shop (schiller's camera) that they had been sent notice the first batch of Canon EOS 5D Mark IIIs was shipped from Canon Chicago and should arrive today (Monday)… now of course, if that doesn't happen, then tomorrow should be the day.

UPDATE: As of 12:15 central… after much delay, I just found out the Canon EOS 5D Mark IIIs did NOT ship Friday like we'd been told. They did ship this morning from Chicago and we will have one by noon tomorrow.

So please come back tomorrow at the same time! Sorry about the delay! I'm pretty disappointed too 🙁

Time until LIVE Canon EOS 5D Mark III unboxing and Q&A

planet5D live Canon EOS 5D Mark III unboxing and Q&A

TUESDAY March 20 – 2pm ET, 1 CT, 11amPT / 6pm GMT

Tune in Live!

This was the 5D3 we saw in LA and was a pre-production unit… watch as I unbox a production unit and answer your questions at planet5D live!


We'll of course record the whole event and it will be posted for those who can't watch live on the planet5D podcast page.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. Hi, its a little unclear to me which day the live unboxing is on!!! is it today 20th March or tomorrow 21st March?

    1. Author

      The post was written Monday the 19th… it didn’t end up going out in the daily email so I’m sorry about the confusion. I should have the 5D3 today – TUESDAY

  2. Okay great so when will the unboxing happen or is it not going to happen? Thanks.

  3. Any news of a Canon MK3 hack?

    The resolution and shadow detail is very poor with the video mode. Almost no improvement over the MK2 that was released 4 years ago.

    I was thinking about buying one but when I tested it at my shop nobody was impressed.


  4. well my comment wasnt too bad, i think. its always good to see both sides of the medal and its not always well so please stop being 1 dimensional

    1. First, you should do some research and than understand the limits and how everthing works, not to expect C300 for $3500…

      5DMKIII has significant improvements for movies in every way, much better low light, much better compression, headphone jack, silent controls, seems to be better at pushing in post, i really didn’t expect all that. 5DMKIII is primarily a still camera and I didn’t expect that much of improvement in that area neither. 5DMKII had way less improvements over original 5D and turns out to be the most popular FF DSLR of all times, so I’m very satisfied with the new model…

  5. where is the best place to order it to receive it the soonest?
    i live in France and i have a friend coming here soon. so i though of ordering it so my friend brings it to me…
    but i need to be sure it will be deliver in time..
    any ideas? help!

  6. Is there any hack being worked on?

    I tried the 5DMK3 at my local store and the video was almost identical to the MK2 – very soft and waxy.

    Looked like cheap video and the jello effect was still there. I was not a true 1080 DSLR – more like nice 720p sadly.

    I hoped for so much more.

    Oh well. Thanks for everything!

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