tiny giant dream – a unique tiny Canon EOS 7D short

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Here's a fascinating short made by Liam O'Prey who's taken a Canon EOS 7D, timelapse, unique locations, and tilt-shift to another level to tell a story that I know you'll like.

We also got a bit of info from Liam. Read below for more.

I've got quite a bit of backlog I'm afraid… just don't manage my time well it seems. My apologies to Liam who sent this in a long time ago and I didn't get it posted.

tiny giant dream

how Liam made the movie

I had seen a few films of time lapses using the tilt shift effect to give it a miniature look and wanted to try and take it a little further by making it part of a story. That's when I thought of Catalunya en Miniatura, a miniature park 30 minutes outside Barcelona. It is one of the biggest in the world with 147 models of famous and iconic buildings from Spain's Catalonia region including all of renowned architect Antoni Gaudi's major works.

The plan was to shoot the talent walking between the models and gazing down as if to see people and traffic on the ground. This wasn't easy as it is prohibited to go near most of the models so it was a case of sneaking on the grass when no one was around. We'd sometimes have to wait 15-20 minutes until the coast was clear because of tourists and park staff. It was made all the more easier though with the 7D's small form factor as it attracted less attention. I shot all the scenes at 50fps then conformed to 24fps in cinema tools.

I then went to the actual locations in Barcelona and shot the time lapses from the real life buildings for the POV of the ‘giant' girl. I used a number of old manual lenses, Leica 2/50, Olympus 28mm, Helios 2/58, Mamiya 80mm and the wonderful Tokina 11-16. I also used an ND Fader with various step rings.

Another Liam flick

Here's another one Liam sent to me a long time ago…

Shot with a Canon 7D and a Panasonic LX3 in Flanders (Northern France & Belgium – Lille And Bruges).
Music by Yann Tiersen

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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