The Shot – an emotionally charged HDSLR short

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Good friend of planet5D Mario (inCINErate films) created this hauntingly tough short – so be warned, for some people (parents) this can be hard to watch – but the key is how well we're pulled into the movie. This story is told so well, I almost turned it off twice… so strong are the emotions in this one so be ware!

Shot on a Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Canon EOS 60D.

The Shot

Mario talks about the little girl

I asked Mario about working with the little girl…

Her parents were great here, they talked to her about it for a few days, and she got excited about the movie. We told her she was a little princess Amy, with a really mean dad, and she was cool with most of it. A few times we stopped where it became obvious that the lines between ‘pretend' and real got blurry for her, so her parents would talk to her again and let her watch TV for a bit just to relax. Most of the dad's shouting was filmed without her being there. Some of the crying I just picked up on mic as it naturally happened while I was at their house, from falling or whatnot. And then other bits of her voice we just coached her to speak sadly into the mic, and then it took a bit of audio tweaking to get it to sound right. It's tough though – I take my hat off to people who make films with kids.


WARNING: Because of the message of the film, people have found it emotionally tough to watch, especially parents.

This is a short film entry for a competition, where the brief was to name your film ‘The Shot', but the interpretation was completely open.

Some entries talked about a shot of a drink, a gun shot, someone who was a good shot at killing/ shooting, someone's shot at a big chance in life, and some of the entries just consisted of one long continuous take.

My approach, was to have one camera shot that anchored the whole story and that was as much the little girl's as the audience's view on her family life, and the downfall of it.

The idea was to touch on a subject that can be very borderline for many people – as there can be an extremely fine line between strict discipline and going too far.

I hope this film makes people think, perhaps about how they treat their kids or how others they might know treat their kids, and to step up and help where things might have gone too far.

Although I directed this film, the Carey family themselves were incredibly talented, and I couldn't have done it as well without Jessica's enormous help with her daughter, as I'd never directed children before.

Overall, I'm indebted to Alex and Jessica for their great patience with over-running shoots, when the kids had to go to bed (they have a younger son), and for all the equipment that stood around their house for a few days.

Also as a first for films, the original idea of this shot started with a joke on twitter about how a lot of online films starting having increasingly narrow aspect ratios, to the point where we'll have a ‘slit under the door' view on life. So to all the guys I follow on twitter – thanks to your humour and fun poking at all things film!

This was a first for me in terms of a fictional short story film. Few things have taught me more than just planning and doing it.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. Abuse and anger – child prison
    How can a mother tolerate this mode of punishment?
    Some men are truly retarded
    Power trip from the father
    Violence towards the mother – murder next
    We have seen this escalation before.
    It was very hard to watch
    Cast was wonderful
    How many families allow this …?
    Very sad.

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