The Dreams Come True – Storytelling with timelapse

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“The Dreams Come True”

“The Dreams Come True” is a short film commissioned by the the office of Las Palmas 2016 to promote the city of Las Palmas the Gran Canaria as a candidate for The European Capital of Culture 2016.

A renowned Spanish director and producer of the film, Damián Perea, teamed up with a Polish director of photography, Patryk Kizny, (known for pioneering motion-controlled timelapse cinematography for the las few years) to take the audience into a journey filled with magic and poetry, where oniric visuals blend together with an intriguing narrative.

The original script of Damián Perea and Nazareth Lezcano is materialized through a breathtaking visuals, mostly shot in motion-controlled timelapse cinematography sometimes flavored with a pinch of HDR imaging to enhance the oneiric character of the script. As the film goes, the audio-visual feast is perfectly orchestrated with David Campodarve’s music score, refined with a precise design from Ricardo Manrique and finally smoothly delivered thanks to elegant editing style of Alberto Navarro.

During the production process over one hundred thousands (100 000) of still images were taken using HDSLR still cameras and with help of specialized motion control equipment for timelapse cinematography (mainly DitoGear™ OmniSliders) to produce the final 7 minute long image showing the city of Las Palmas in a frame of hope and dream of its citizens to become a European Capital of Culture 2016. [tentblogger-vimeo 25965301]


Damián Perea Lezcano (director, producer)

Member of the European Film Academy (EFA). His professional portfolio includes the work as the director and producer of the International Festival of Animated Films, Visual Effects and Video-games – Animayo (a renowned festival with over 4000 attendees annually), a photographer, having his “Travel Journal” photographs exhibited 4 times, and finally as a director and producer of multiple commercials besides of his personal productions.

Damián Perea he has been nominated for the Goya Award in 1999 for his short film “Podría ser Peor” (“It could be worse”). He has also worked as an animation director of the biggest advertising campaign of Spain ever made, the Euro Campaign, “Los García”, commissioned by the Treasury Department of the Spanish Government and director/producer of such short films as “Locos por el Cine” (the only spanish short-film selected at the Sicaf, Korea).

Damián’s strong focus on a formal side of filmmaking is visible not only at festivals, but also during his lectures at universities, such as carl like CalArts (Los Angeles) or the Pratt Institute (New York).
The latest work of Damián Perea explores the new filmmaking concepts and narrative techniques within the two-year campaign for the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria European Capital of Culture 2016.

Follow Damian Perea:

Patryk Kizny (director of photography)

His skills and activities span across multiple disciplines of visual creation ranging from graphic design through the photography, astrophotography, motion design to cinematography. Kizny has gained a worldwide recognition as one of the leading motion-controlled timelapse cinematography pioneers. He’s also one of early adopters of HDSLR technologies.

Patryk Kizny founded of Misme New Media – a creative, branding and interactive agency.
Since 2010 he has been running LookyCreative – an independent film production boutique based in Poland.
He’s also partner at DitoGear – one of the leading timelapse equipment manufacturers.

Follow Patryk Kizny:

David Campodarve (music composer)  

David Campodarve is a new talented music composer and producer of such bands as Los Salvapantallas, The Birkins, Gines Cedrés, architect and music professor at the Deutsche Schule of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
As director of his group of contemporary music, He has won the first prize at the renowned contest “Jugend Musiziert” in Madrid with the premiere of one of his compositions “Arbos” in the National Auditorium, and the third prize  in Germany. David usually composes in his personal studio based in Las Palmas with the Vienna Symphonic library.

His latest work “The Dreams Come True” looks for a dense orchestrated atmosphere to emphatize the oneiric landscapes and the emotional impact of the script.

You can listen to the complete soundtrack following this link:

“The Dreams Come True“ soundtrack separated by tracks :

His portfolio as a music composer includes following short films and commercials:
Enganchate a la red (dir. Damian Perea),
Café con leche (dir. Saray Dominguez),
Una luz en el océano (dir. Damian Perea),
The Dreams come True (dir. Damian Perea).

Follow David Campodarve and hear his music:

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  1. The cinematography is interesting, but I found the whole thing hard to watch, mostly because of the script and narration. A little over-wrought, I thought, trying way too hard to be magical. Maybe there’s a translation issue, but the connections between the script and images were too abstract for me.

  2. WOW ….Pure poetry in motion. Love the script,music and cinematography.
    Thanks for the inspiration

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