Sweet Dreams – a Canon EOS 60D short film from the planet5D forum

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a quick post of an interesting Canon EOS 60D film called Sweet Dreams [short film] from the planet5D Forum. Reginald Hobbs and David Spearman are the guys behind the short (their company in Atlanta is called ForayFilmworks). They've also produced a BTS which I decided to include even tho they didn't show planet5D in the segment where they were showing some of the websites they used as inspiration. HA

Oh, and if you think that was bad, just wait until you see the jokes in the BTS!

Sweet Dreams

[tentblogger-youtube 1k2MaFLEFlA]

Returning from a vigorous run, Derek Pearson notices his front door is wide open. He steps inside and realizes he's not quite home alone. Heart still pounding, Derek investigates a mysterious trail. However, his racing mind struggles to distinguish the facts from the figments of his imagination. It is only when Derek steps back outside that reality hits him.


[tentblogger-youtube w_WsC755VsM]

What do you think?

I thought they did a darn good job! What about you?

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. You guys did an excellent job as a whole.
    Good acting, lighting, camera movement and pace.
    The music is bit strong and distracting sometimes.
    Really enjoy watching it and hope you have more to come.

  2. Without John William’s brilliant score – Star Wars is just a movie about tin cans fighting. Loved the single piano note commanding attention. Look forward to more from you guys. Thanx.

  3. Very good , well written and good lighting. The shooter was good with the 60D canon. We use the 60D for HD video production here at A.F. Productions. Hope you have more to come. I will be looking forward to them as you create more.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. This is a clever film, well acted, great editing, like the lighting, and I love the use of DOF. Good Work!

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