See Act of Valor and hear from Shane and filmmakers Feb 25th

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Yes, that's right! Next Saturday, Feb 25th in LA, Shane and other filmmakers on the team will be holding a panel discussion after the showing of Act of Valor.

Oh yea, I'll be there! And will provide a report.

You're welcome to come to see the movie and stay for the discussion – but you will have to pay to see the movie as it is a regular public showing. And please invite all your friends if you live in the LA area. Order your tickets early – no guarantee that it won't sell out!

If you're curious, I also found this review that is a good read

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See Canon 5D Mark II film #ActofValor & special Q&A with filmmakers – 2/25 at 5:10pm at Regal LA LIVE @ActofValorFilm

Why is Act of Valor significant?

If you don't recall (and we've posted about it a couple of times), Act of Valor was mostly shot on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II! It is a huge major motion picture being shown around the USA starting on Feb 24th.

Not to mention, many of the action shots were shot with LIVE AMMO!

We'll have more coverage on the movie next week.

Here's a snippet I found from one of the Elite Team (the team Shane uses)…

The breakdown for Act of Valor is about 70-75% 5D2. A few 7D 60fps shots (the camera was not released until the film was almost complete), Sony 950 for Aerial shots mostly because it was too time consuming and expensive to have to bring the choppers down for reload of film or memory cards, and the rest was 35mm film. After the film started it was decided by Shane and the directors that they would shoot all mission scenes with the DSLR's and use the 35mm for the scenes that evolved the family and essentially home life (non mission). There is also 35mm in the action scenes where slow motion was needed.

Having seen this a few times now on the big screen I can tell you that it just holds up great. To think that this film began when the 5D2 was brand new and still 30p, no manual mode, etc it's amazing what Shane was able to pull out of this little camera. What is pretty funny is that I've read some of the reviews from those in the industry that have seen the film and the shots they point out as weak shots are actually the 950 shots, not the 5D.

I hope everyone goes out to see the movie. It's a roller coaster ride and the amount of work the team put in to shooting this film is amazing. The final cut is the best yet, the credit song written by Keith Urban just for the movie is moving and so appropriate. The Seals put their life on the line for all of us and this movie is a great tribute to them.

If anyone has more questions, please feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer them and If I can't I'll shoot them over to Shane.

Tim –
Elite Team
Hurlbut Visuals

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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