“Nightscapes” – creating a timelapse film on a minimal budget

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For those of you looking to learn something about timelapse there are more and more resources going up on the web, but you'll want to visit Daniel Freytag's blog where he has this guest post from Phil Arntz about how he made an awesome ‘nighttime' timelapse. Phil shot this timelapse on a Canon Rebel T2i/550D!

Snip from Phil's article

“Nightscapes” is a piece i dedicated to my friends and family. The reason for this is, that our family really started to love London, but we are not sure, how long we will stay! Very uncertain times at the moment, so this is a great memory for what we have/had in London. I also dedicated this to my friends, because i go to a german school in london, thus meaning that many people only stay here for a year or two and I want them to treasure the London memories too!

Shooting Nightscapes was an experience, which changed my views on city-life. I have never experienced London, like I did when shooting the movie over the last months. The city comes alive at night, but it’s not all sparkly at night. There are many parts which should be avoided and you really see some strange things too!

more snips

Shooting the movie required an awful lot of dedication, sleepless nights and warm clothes. The main problem I had was, the cold. Even though it might not seem to cold in the UK, at around 0 degrees, it really starts to get to you when you are waiting an hour for your timelapse to finish on Millenium Bridge in high winds! I have met new people, made new connections and friends and overall, it was an experience, I am happy to have had!

I urge you to get all the details on Phil's post: “Nightscapes” – A Look into creating a timelapse film on a minimal budget @ Freytag Film.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. are people still entertained by timelapse? i think its time to move on. make quality film people not something that you can put together in a few hours. also if your using other people’s music its not really your art. so step it up.

    1. Author

      Carlos… are people still entertained by timelapse? Heck yes! Have you seen TV later (at least here in the US), I see examples of timelapse all over the place, TV shows, Ads, etc. Very popular.

    2. Hey there Carlos,

      If you would have read the description, i worked with an artist to create the music! It’s all composed for this piece!

      Best Regards,


  2. commercials are the absolute worst thing that one can do with this technology. commercials exist so people spend their money on useless crap that they dont need.

    tv shows use timelapse to show passing of time. day to night etc. its beyond being over-used. Unless your making something on the level of koyanisqatsi or baraka, then youre just using a played-out method/asthetic (most of the time, always exceptions).

    Now is the time to be a rebel, and artist. Do things completely the opposite of what is being used by anything that is dependent on BUYING CRAP AND CONSUMERISM.
    much love, no hard feelings.

    1. Perhaps, Carlos, you could show an example of your work that epitomizes your point. And also, please add, how do you make a living while practicing your art?

  3. Carlos, are you still entertained by giving nonconstructive criticism? I think it’s time to move on! If you don’t like timelapse, don’t watch it. At least Phil is out there producing something. What have you done lately?

    1. Hey there Gabriel,

      I totally agree with what you have to say!

      Carlos, I 100% respect your opinion! Everyone has one and everyone does indeed have a different one!

  4. Firts of all I just wanted to say, that I think this is really an awesome TL.. well done Phil! really! : )

    At the same time, I’d like to add, that if someone does not like the “video” or “film” or whatever now a days we want to call it
    (since different plataforms are overlapping back & forth..), it is fine too.. I mean.. after all, we all have our opinions.. I don’t think I have to make a movie like , (lets say…), “harry Potter” in order to gain the right to “not like it!” if any time we don’t like some kind of artistic expression or form, it is requiered we do something like it, I think it is silly… after all we all do have an opinion.

    I personally dislike tons of things I see on Vimeo, Youtube, etc… but I do respect the hard work involved.

    I bet you guys for sure you went to the movies, came out thinking: “I am dissapointed at this.. didn’t like it…” so I ask: in order for you to say that, do you have to make a movie ? no right? Well.. so again.. I like Phil’s work.. he is awesome.. and also a pretty cool dude… he gave me tons of tips on how to shoot Time Lapse.. he knows tons about the subject.. and I am sure he will keep on doing fantastic work!! : )

    Just don’t get mad at a guy that for whatever reason, just does not like this particular project : )

    Ok,enough writing… let’s go out and SHOOT!!! : D

    Ps: I do agree though.. that negative criticism it is a waste of energy…. success is in the “DOING.. no mater the outcome” and as a filmmaker I can say: producing a project, no matter how small, or simple, it is a lot of hard work!!!
    Way to go Phil!!! keep on shooting dude! : )

  5. Hello there
    You dont have to tell your secrets, but it would be interessting how he did the basic settings and what Equipment you used.

    See, I get a mail from planet 5D overwritten “low cost timelapse” than I want to learn something.

    In this case the name of the artist would be safed in my head. So I am just dissapointet that I just got again some nice film, which amuses me for a while but togehter with all these tons of nice films it wasted just my time.

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