Music video shot at 2.5x normal speed for impact

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Another interesting video sent in some time ago… Sorry Levi!

My name is Levi Bethune. I recently directed a music video for Over The Ocean, who recently signed with Spartan records and released their debut album a couple weeks ago. I shot the entire video with only a gas budget and three days.

Mostly shot with the Canon EOS 60d, there are a few of the running shots done with the Canon Rebel T2i/550D.

The video was shot over-cranked at 60p and converted to 24p for edit. Seeing as everything had to be synced up, the band played their song at 250% it's original speed.

Color grading and compositing was completed in Adobe After Effects with the edit completed in Final Cut Pro.

Over The Ocean – Something I Was Not

[tentblogger-vimeo 27056579]

The video was recently featured as the Video of the Day on AOL's Spinner magazine with the following write-up:


“We shot this video out in the incredibly dirty barn we usually practice in,” Over the Ocean singer/guitarist Jesse Hill tells Spinner. “I am impressed that [director] Levi Bethune made it look like we did it in a legitimate studio. I have never done a real music video before, so it was a little weird having to pretend to play while everyone watches and tells you if you're doing it right. All in all though, I am really happy with the end result. We recorded the album live, with all of us playing together in the same room, and I think the video does a good job of reflecting the basic ethos of the whole recording process.

“I feel a little bad for Jared Bethune, the guy who does all the running in the video. We shot the video twice as fast as it looks, and then slowed it down for a more fluid feel. Unfortunately for Jared, this meant that he had to run twice as fast and for twice as long as you see on the video, not counting all the takes that didn't make it. On top of this, he had to jump in to a 50-degree pool, which can't be too much fun. All I had to do was stand there and play the guitar for a little bit.”


I love the posts and am constantly inspired and challenged by the articles posted. Thanks for helping to sustain the creative filmmaker.

-Levi Bethune


Something I Was Not
Over The Ocean
Paper House
Directed by Levi Bethune
Produced by Organic Visual for Over The Ocean
Paper House is available on iTunes: and AmazonMP3:
As seen on
AOL Spinner Video of the Day:
AltDaily: Video of the Day:

Over The Ocean is
Jesse Hill
Josh Whittle
Ben Crumrine
Joshua Bogart

Starring: Jared Bethune
Special Thanks: The Wratten Family and The Essmann Family
Production Crew: Craig Kuhns, Alec Bethune, Katie Crane, Joshua Tombley, Jared Bethune

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. I have a dumb question — why did Levi decide to do the 60p->24p conversion; what’s the point? Is it reflected in the end result of the video itself somehow? Thanks!

  2. Gr8 video. Simple & straight forward. I liked the use of the fixed focus glass having the subject come into & out of focus throughout the various scenes. Levi Bethune you are a director now.

  3. I don’t get the 60-24 logic, but I appreciate a good piece on art when I see one, and I think I just did : )

  4. Seeing as how there were very few slow-mo shots in that vid, they really didn’t shoot 2.5x “normal” speed, but rather they under-edited 2.5x 😛
    They’d have been better off just editing at 60 and using twixtor or Motion or FCPX’s optical interpolation for the few slow-mo shots.
    If you’re not going back out to film (or doing large portions of your edit in slow-mo), i really don’t see the point of dumbing down videos to an antiquated frame rate when current tech allows for better quality.

  5. It’s a neat idea when used well, it’s been around for years, but I don’t think these guys used the technique anywhere near its potential.

  6. Guys I’m pretty sure the band played 2.5 times faster is what he meant so when he slowed it down it synced.

  7. Jason: I know that this is what they did, but I’m asking why. What’s the point in having them play 2.5 times faster and then slowing it down back to 1x? Why not just have them play at 1x?

  8. The point of the 2.5 playback is to have the band performing in real time but look like it is in slow motion. It doesn’t look like they used very many of those types of shots in the final piece as was mentioned above. It’s a cool technique if done right.

    Eric’s comment of just using Twixtor wouldn’t work for performance sync since that would slow down the band’s actual playing and singing. The idea is to keep their lips and movements in sync with the song but it look like it’s slomo.

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