ikan product announcements – ikan Elements and ikan Elite iPad Teleprompter Kit

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ikan announced these products recently and I'm a tiny bit slow getting them out – sorry!

ikan Elements: it’s all about the “rig”!

The widespread popularity of smaller DSLRs and the new hybrid, cinema style cameras has introduced a number of new camera and accessory mounting challenges.

In addition to basic stabilization, shooters also need ergonomic and efficient ways to accommodate monitors, lights, lens controls, microphones, recorders, supplemental power, and a variety of other additional accessories.

Welcome to ikan Elements – the most adaptable camera support and accessory mounting equipment on the planet.

The Elements product line provides a variety of cost-effective stabilization and accessory mounting solutions. Elements products are available either as pre-configured kits or individual, single components to address about any situation you might encounter.

One of the standout features of the Elements line is its adaptability. There is just so much you can do with them!  You might select a certain kit for a specific need but, once you get it in hand and start putting it all together, you’ll realize the variety of configuration options you have. Position the grips above the camera for one situation, and then try them below for another. Set the base plate forward to mount one camera then backward to accommodate a larger one.


It’s easy and affordable to expand on your Elements investment. Add a piece here, move a piece there. It's all designed around established industry specifications, allowing you to easily mix and match components – even those from other manufacturers.

There are a number of rig system brands available but we challenge you to find another as adaptable, effective or as AFFORDABLE as the ikan Elements.

For additional info visit ikan Elements.

Elite iPad Teleprompter Kit

Looking for an inexpensive way to integrate your iPad into your everyday video production workflow? ikan has the solution. The Elite iPad Teleprompter Kit is a complete out-of-the box solution that turns your iPad into a field ready teleprompter. Based on our popular Elements camera support system, ikan’s Elite iPad Teleprompter Kit is a portable through the glass teleprompter when you need it and a robust 15mm rod based camera support system when you don’t. Compatible with any iPad teleprompter software application and complete with ikan’s EV2 Adjustable Camcorder Baseplate, 16” rods, new and improved high quality 30/70 prompter glass with frame, and an adjustable iPad mount that’s compatible with the iPad and iPad 2.

Easy Installation
TS01 Installation

Elite Teleprompter Features:

  • Includes Elements 15mm Rod Based System
  • iPad Mount
  • Lightweight & Adjustable
  • Easy Set-Up
  • High Quality 30/70 Prompter Glass
  • Designed for Small to Mid-Size Cameras
  • Compatible with Any iPad Teleprompter Software Application (Software and iPad Not Included)


Elite iPad Teleprompter Upgrade Kit

Already own a 15mm rod based system and want to utilize your iPad or iPad 2 as a teleprompter? This upgrade kit allows you to utilize any existing 15mm rod based system to form the Elite iPad Teleprompter Kit. Compatible with any iPad teleprompter software application and complete with new and improved high quality 30/70 prompter glass with frame and an adjustable iPad mount that’s compatible with the iPad and iPad 2.


  • iPad/iPad 2 Mount
  • 30/70 Prompter Glass w/ Frame
  • Durable Prompter Hood
  • Complete w/ All Necessary Hardware to Upgrade Any 15mm Rod Based System to
    Elite iPad Teleprompter Kit
  • Compatible with Any iPad Teleprompter Software Application (Software and iPad Not


iPad Teleprompter Mount

Accessorize your ikan PT2500 and turn it into a complete iPad teleprompter solution. The iPad Teleprompter Mount is is designed for exclusive use with ikan’s PT2500 and is compatible with the iPad and iPad 2.


  • Compatible with iPad and iPad 2
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Durable Construction
  • Complements your existing PT2500, Upgrades to Elite iPad Teleprompter Kit


For more information, images and video please visit:

About Usikan is an award-winning designer, manufacturer, and distributor geared to provide total solutions for video professionals. We are a constantly evolving and ever-flexible company that prides itself on its value-conscious products. At ikan, we work closely with our dealers and end users to ensure creation of quality products that enhance film and video productions. Our entire product line, from HDMI & HD/SDI camera monitors to our ELEMENTS™ camera support solutions, LED and fluorescent lighting, our new and improved teleprompter line, productivity software, apparel and set/shooting accessories are all designed with feature-set and price in mind from their inception.

Whether you are in the backyard or in the studio, you can rely on ikan to be by your side. Our unwavering customer support, global reach, knowledge and product variety allow us to keep you in touch with the rapidly growing video technology industry. We believe in providing the globe with an affordable and reliable solution. With each new product, ikan strives to deliver the features you need at the prices you want.

For more information, give us a call or walk into our corporate headquarters based in Houston, TX. You can also visit our official website (
www.ikancorp.com) for more product information.  Additionally, connect with us via our Social Media Feeds such as the ikan News Blog (ikancorp.wordpress.com), our Facebook community (facebook.com/ikanseeit), our Vimeo channel (vimeo.com/ikancorp) or follow us on Twitter @ikancorp.

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