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Richard Crook has done a lot of work with camera profiles and has now created a picture profile for the Sony FS-100 Large Sensor Video Camera (LSVC) which includes a look up table (LUT).

Here's a chunk of Richard's article.


New “LOG” type flat gamma profile perfects for grading, with in-camera look-up-table.

After rigorous testing, the battle-hardened “CPF-LOG Picture Profile for the Sony NEX-FS100″ is ready for the public.  We have done quite a bit of research on what exactly each menu item in the picture profile settings do and what how we can manipulate them, to achieve the best desired looks after minimal and/or extensive color grading.


The Sony NEX-FS100 is an 8-bit camera that is compressed quite heavily.  Though a robust and very efficient codec, AVCHD video clips are not meant to be pushed very far in the grade.  The result could mean enhanced aliasing, moiré, “mosquito noise,” and other undesirable issues.   We found out early on that a dramatically flat picture profile is NOT the way to go.  But there IS a safe medium, and we believe we found it.


The CPF-LOG profile is designed to maintain highlight and shadow detail and also a pleasing color gamut that grades very nicely whether you do alot of grading or a quick fast-color correction.  This profile is created as a part of a workflow that is setup for color grading in post.  IF YOU DO NOT INTEND ON COLOR GRADING IN POST, THIS PROFILE IS NOT FOR YOU.  In the very least, it is recommended that you correct the black and white levels, pull the middle grey down to around 35-40%, and adjust saturation to taste.


One of the biggest and most unique features of the CPF-LOG Profile we wanted to include is a LUT (Look-Up-Table) that can be used in tandem with each other on the set.  A LUT is designed to give the camera operator or any other viewer on set the ability to see a preview image of the video with a filmlike gamma curve and color setting applied.  A LUT is NOT intended for actual grading.  Even if you wanted to, applying a LUT to footage as a final grade defeats the whole purpose of shooting a LOG image and color grading in the first place.  A LUT can also be use to apply to dailies and other temporary files.  We do not currently have a LUT to apply to clips outside the camera, but hope to have something you could apply on the fly for dailies or editing proxies.   <UPDATE: LUT FOR PREMIERE/PC USERS, (Lut Buddy not needed)>

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Richard has more additional information and a PDF download as well – “CPF-LOG” PICTURE PROFILE for the SONY NEX-FS100 with LUT! « Crooked Path Blog.

(cover photo credit: snap from the article)

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