Cinevate Introduces Trawly – Compact Camera Dolly

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Cinevate has just announced this new compact dolly called the Trawly… it looks pretty flexible!


Introducing Trawly

A compact, lightweight and versatile camera dolly.

By adding wheels to our universal Simplis base plate, we add an entirely new dimension in functionality.

With Trawly, it’s easy to adjust the legs and wheels to pull off straight dolly shots, crab moves, arched turns and use it as a handheld rig.

In standard Simplis fashion, the camera can be quick-released from Trawly for smooth transitions between setups.

Trawly will be available for purchase in early March for $449. There will also be a Trawly wheels kit that can be added to existing Simplis rigs for $99.

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. Looks very cool. Is it possible to bubble the camera to make sure it is level? If not guess you could always use the in camera level system that the Canon 7d has.

    1. Hey Daniel,

      The biggest challenge was definitely staying level. An in-camera level is nice for sure if your camera supports it, otherwise I just eyeballed it using horizon or architecture, plus I would do a quick check at start and finish. The results we’re pretty good I thought for the quick and dirty setup. :p

  2. Would like to see more demonstrations, longer shots
    Not Convinced yet

  3. Much better than the squid that I saw but I guess depending on what look/style you’re going for. I’m very interested in this set-up.

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