Cinetics Launches CineSquid Suction Cup Camera Mount System

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How cool! The guys behind CineSkates (an incredibly successful kickstarter project) have launched their new product – the CineSquid Suction Camera Mount System.

CineSquid supporting an HDSLR on a window

CineSquid supporting an HDSLR on a window

the demo

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The PR

Cinetics Launches CineSquid Suction Cup Camera Mount System

Company behind wildly popular CineSkates Kickstarter campaign launches new suction cup mount ideal for DSLR, GoPro or iPhone

February 22, 2012 — Austin, TX — Cinetics™ is launching a super strong, versatile suction cup camera mount system, CineSquid™, which allows filmmakers to capture previously unthinkable shots by attaching their camera to smooth surfaces, from any angle. Cinetics has already built a huge following of filmmaker enthusiasts with the launch of CineSkates, an innovative camera tripod dolly, which became the second most funded Kickstarter project, exceeding its funding goal by 2,400 percent. In fact, the impetus for the CineSquid suction cup mount came from this very community as the No. 1 requested component.

“By growing our product line, Cinetics continues to work toward our goal of helping filmmakers create captivating video through controlled camera movement,” explains Cinetics founder, Justin Jensen. “We’re encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive support from our community of users to create a simple, interchangeable system that replaces their bulky gear.”

Expanding on the unique Cinetics Connect platform, developed to make CineSkates possible, the new CineSquid system combines powerful suction cup technology with the flexible GorillaPod Focus™ Tripod and BallHead X™ to create a portable and modular system that filmmakers can take anywhere. Different from other suction cup mounts on the market, the flexible tripod attaches to contoured, multi-level surfaces, and users can even manipulate the camera frame once the suction cups are mounted.  The triple suction cup design ensures CineSquid will not lose its grip.

With CineSquid, even amateur filmmakers can capture stunning, Hollywood-style camera shots, including:

  • High-speed chase or automobile cruising scenes
  • Aerial views from the belly of an airplane up to 200mph
  • Scenic or landscape shots from a boat, train or any moving vehicle
  • Time-lapse video with a rock-solid connection to any smooth surface

The CineSquid System, which includes the tripod and ballhead, is available now at for $235. To get the full system, CineSkates owners only need the CineSquid suction cups sold separately for $120, an advantage of the modular Cinetics Connect platform. The first 100 CineSquid orders will receive early shipping in March. The next wave will begin shipping in April.

In addition, there is a week left to enter the CineSkates Showdown Video Contest. The winning videos will be featured in future Cinetics videos, and the winners will each receive the new CineSquid component along with a GoPro® HD HERO2 Camera.

CineSquid is the first of many projects the Cinetics team will be releasing this year. The Cinetics team will be at South-by-Southwest (SXSW) tradeshow booth #647 demoing CineSkates, CineSquid and new products. Follow @cinetx for more details closer to the event. For more information about CineSkates, please visit the company website at

About Cinetics™

In 2011 Cinetics released CineSkates.  CineSkates, are a set of wheels that attach to a GorillaPod Focus tripod to create a portable dolly system capable of setting up smooth dolly shots. CineSkates work with DSLR cameras up to 5 lbs.

Cinetics products are sold at:

For information about Cinetics, please visit

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. No way would I ever hang a DLSR on those crappy suction cups. Those are the same that come with the Go Pro Hero and that is not a good system. Best solution is to have one with a pump on the side, like the Manfrotto ones. This way you create vacuum and the cup holds up.

  2. Thanks guys! Paul, the CineSquid suction cups use a lever action to create a vacuum on the surface. They grip very hard, and there are three of them. We put them on an airplane, a car at very high speed, underwater on a boat, etc. I’m very confident in them, and I can’t wait to see what crazy things people do with them!

    1. I have a lever action one from the Go Pro and when it gets cold it just snaps right off. I understand 3 will hold up much better, but I still have my doubts. I work as a grip/rigger and am used to rigging 435’s, Alexa’s, REDs, all the big camera’s. We use heavy duty suction cups, 250kg per cup, and up to 4 per camera. These all use small vacuum pumps and are incredibly strong.

      But since I haven’t used this system with 3 and you have rigged them on an airplane I will take your word for it.


      1. I have used those same suction mounts before for mounting on a cars body and windows. The mount is not safe for a DSLR – and at least with this system there are three, so if one loses its grip you have time to rescue. My suggestion is to only use a camera you won’t mind losing. Or put up a safety net. If its the shot you need, use it – I bet it works alright for a short time. I wouldn’t trust it more than 2-5 min’s tops!

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  4. The idea is grand and I’m extremely glad to see inventions like this truly making it into the market. The problem I have is not with the Cinesquid but with the Joby Focus which is obviously the main brain of the entire set-up. It’s weight limit is 11 pounds and not an ounce more. Even at 11 pounds, THE FOCUS starts to sag and droop. A 16-35 mounted to a 5D makes the Joby sag like it’s spaghetti. You have to really wrap it/ position it in a form that support it’s weight. Now, with that said, this entire set-up isn’t for professional. I wish it was.

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