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You guys love news – it is obvious – the planet5D HDSLR news page is the second most visited page on the site – and the ScoopNews page has very quickly gone well over 120k page views! So with that in mind, I'm always looking for new tools to feed your addiction.

Many of you are also on twitter all day – but to get the news, you've got to read a lot of fluff. I'm on twitter all day and I know just how much stuff you have to wade thru to find the nuggets. Like me, you probably have many of the HDSLR bloggers in your twitter stream, but in order to see their tweets when they post their blog updates, you also have to wade thru all our other drivel (notice I'm including myself in there!). You may not want to know when Joe went to pick up his girlfriend or to see photos of cats or sunsets etc.

So, I've come up with this simple solution…

Introducing the planet5D HDSLR news twitter id!

Click to follow planet5D HDSLR twitter news

It just dawned on me today that I have the capability to do this, I just hadn't ever thought of it… so now if you follow our planet5D twitter ID, you'll get nothing but the news. I'll still be tweeting on the planetMitch ID and the planet5D posts and the HDSLRscoop news will come on both IDs – but the planet5D twitter ID will only be news.

When any of the major HDSLR bloggers post a new blog post, you'll see it in the planet5D twitter stream. No fluff, just news.

I thought about including this in the planetMitch ID, but then I thought some people already think I tweet too much fluff!

Here are some of the bloggers I'm putting in the list:

You'll be able to know which blog the tweet is for because their name or blog name will be in a hash tag (ex: #HurlbutVisuals).

Your Choice

Yes, you'll have to follow one more twitter ID, but this gives you the most flexibility in choosing your news sources.

So instead of filling my planetMitch tweet stream with even more news, you have the option to simply follow the new planet5D news ID and get the news from there!

Oh, and of course the planet5D blog and ScoopNews and planet5D cinema posts will be in there as well!

Nobody else is providing this much HDSLR news!

Thank you for reading planet5D! Your support means everything to me!

(cover photo credit: snap from twitter)


  1. Thanks, but wouldn’t it be better to simply RT so posts won’t show twice if we continue following one of the original content producers?

    1. Author

      That’s an excellent question! First, this is being done by an automated tool and it is using RSS to read the blogs. Second, not all of the bloggers post a tweet when they post a new blog entry. So this will pick up new blog posts and only tweet them once. I suggest you try it and if you don’t think it worthwhile, just unfollow planet5D (but not planetMitch LOL).

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