Act of Valor: Reinventing the Action Genre by Shane Hurlbut

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If you haven't gathered, I consider “Act of Valor” an incredible achievement and very significant for the HDSLR movement – and so we'll be covering it a bit in the next few days.

I mentioned before that I'm flying out to LA to be with Shane and to see the movie and then watch a round table discussion with a bunch of the folks who shot the movie on Saturday. Can't wait.

See Act of Valor and hear from Shane and filmmakers Feb 25th

But Shane just published this article and there's a bunch of info in here that you should read. And since the blog gets the most readers, I just had to post it here (you'll also see it in the planet5D HDSLR news page, but not everyone goes there for some strange reason (grin)).

The intro from Shane

When Scotty Waugh and Mike “Mouse” McCoy, the incredible directing team at Bandito Brothers, asked me to shoot Act of Valor, I was excited, especially after listening to their unique vision for the making of this movie. I was ALL IN. The idea of reinventing the action genre was our mantra. To be able to immerse an audience in a 3D experience that was shot 2D; to capture POVs that felt like you were in an intense first person shooter video game; to move a 2.5 lb camera in ways that you have never seen before. These were the ideas that started to swirl in my head after our initial meeting.

Read the whole article

yes, I insist you go read the whole thing! Act of Valor: Reinventing the Action Genre | Hurlbut Visuals.

Filming through the eyes of a Navy Seal

Filming through the eyes of a Navy Seal - image courtesy HurlbutVisuals

(cover photo credit: snap from Shane's post (Directors Scott Waugh and Mouse McCoy in the streets of Cambodia))

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