Ravi Vora posted his latest film over on the planet5D forum (the nicest HDSLR forums on the planet) and well, it blew me away enough that I had to feature it here on planet5D.

A wealthy businesswoman must save her son from a criminal mastermind by delivering a mysterious briefcase while bounty hunters are hot on her trail.

Ravi has done a beautiful job with this movie and shows off the equipment on his blog post


Low Budget Filmmaking tips

here are 2 from Ravi’s page – there are several more – please visit his page to read!

Low / No budget film-making Tips

1. Location Scouting – For exteriors, instead of driving all over your city or spending all that time, use Google Maps Street View to scout locations. It’ll save you a LOT of time, energy, and gas. Just make sure to check the location you choose for any recent road closures or events.

2. The fewer locations the better – Getting people to a location is a big process. Making sure that location is ok with the film and everything else involved with setting up a scene is very time consuming. All of this significantly increases costs (opportunity, time, and monetary), so try to find a way to tell your story in simpler way until you have the flexibility and budget to move around.

via Absolution | A film by Director Ravi Vora | Ravi Vora.