A funny HDSLR web series – “walking in circles” – raising money for season 2

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There are a lot of funding requests out there (and I expect that will grow) but it isn't often you actually get to preview the work before you decide if you want to help fund the project: Walking In Circles: Season 2! — IndieGoGo. Here's their site as well

These guys sent me an email the other day about their web-series they're filming on the Canon Rebel T3i/600D called “Walking in Circles” – and they've completed their first ‘season' and are asking for help to fund the improved second season. So here you get to watch 11 episodes to get a good idea of where they're going.

This team is definitely going for their dream – they're doing something they know isn't perfect, but they're putting it out there. When you watch (and you should watch), you'll see they've got a good team going; there's humor and pretty good acting (hey, they're not winning emmys of course, but they're not horrible either) and the 3-4 episodes I watched before posting this were interesting enough for me to want to watch more – which is the key.

And yes, some will cringe a bit at times when the scene is over exposed or the lead actress is out of focus (and most of us will say, “been there, done that!”), but look, they're putting it out there and learning. The episodes improved as the season went on. And they're smart enough to know that hiring some good technical support for the next season will help.

So do watch a bit and if you like, give them a few bucks. I know I'll be doing that.

Someone get that man a shirt!

The funding pitch

[tentblogger-youtube YkyQnzv8pkk]

Walking In Circles is an independent comedy fantasy web series that debuted in the summer of 2011 with an 11 episode first season. We filmed the entire project out of pocket and after release we began accepting donations to help market our show and to recoup some of our budget. The campaign was very successful thanks to the love and support of our awesome fans and because of that we were encouraged to write a second season.

In season 1 we were often limited in what we were able to put on screen. Aside from budget constraints, it was our first major film project. We were literally learning our jobs on a day to day basis on set. Fortunately, everyone from cast to crew was not only amazingly talented but passionate about the project. Because of this we were able to produce an awesome show that we’re all extremely proud of. We really want to take all the skills we acquired during the filming of Season 1 and produce something that goes above and beyond for Season 2. When you take a look at what we were able to achieve the first time around, you’ll see that we’re really setting the bar high for ourselves. Filming a medieval fantasy/comedy means every piece of wardrobe needs to be period specific, every prop has to be custom made; every set has to be isolated from modernity. Working in a fantasy setting also means that some of the characters we want to bring to life are going to be set pieces all of their own, the best example being the dragon from Season 1. We know that this show is a massive undertaking but we also know that when we pull it off it’s going to blow people away.

An episode or two

Season 1 episode 1 [tentblogger-youtube 8lLFTVvhnX4]

I love that they're posting a bunch of behind the scenes as well:

WIC Behind The Scenes (Krag Kam) 1.1
[tentblogger-youtube tNIq-2_t484]

Walking In Circles – Episode 11: Let Sleeping Dragons Lie – tho if you don't watch some of the other episodes, you won't get some of the jokes! [tentblogger-youtube IOCo6MvbDHc]

Season 1 bloopers
[tentblogger-youtube QYuarNJJ6mU]

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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