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We're constantly striving to find the hot HDSLR news for you and as of a few days ago, we've added another option – we're calling it “ScoopNews” – we now have three different ways for you to read about your favorite gear, photography, and HDSLR filmmmaking. I'll explain each of them and I'll go into a bit of detail about why we're doing this and why you'll want to bookmark each one!

And note that there is very little overlap – almost all the news in each category is unique so you should watch all three!

Details about all three

the planet5D blog

First, you're already familiar with the blog – but let me explain a bit about what you'll find here. Not only was it the first section of planet5D, but this is where we get to go into detail about news items. It also has the biggest readership and so if we think there's something really important – no matter what the size, we'll post it here.

We have over 10,500 daily readers via the feedburner subscription system – plus the tens of thousands of you who come here on your own, so this is our biggest opportunity to reach the most people.

The current planet5D HDSLR news page

The goal of the news page is to give you one stop shopping for news that other major blogs are covering. This page is a summary of the latest 5 blog posts from each of the blogs we've selected – and they're grouped into different categories. We've also added the community news (where readers can post their own ‘news.'

Sometimes there's some overlap with the planet5D blog, and sometimes, we'll go into detail about something that the other blogs are covering – so if we think it is important, we'll post it ourselves in the blog.

The ‘scoop.it' scoop news

We told you about the scoop.it news a few weeks ago when we were first testing (What the heck is this ‘scoop.it’ HDSLR thing?) and now we've gotten such a following there that we've brought it over into the planet5D domain and added it to our menu (see “ScoopNews” up there at the top of the page!).

The ‘scoop' gives us the ability to quickly post news that may not be important enough to post to the blog. I can post something I find to the scoop page in about 1 minute – where a ‘full' blog post can take at least 30 minutes if not more than an hour – due to the research, emails back and forth with sources, writing, etc. I've been looking for a while for a tool that would give me the ability to post something quickly. And, an additional feature is that it also tweets, posts to facebook, and posts to other sources as well… in one easy step for me.

Plus, with a magazine look and feel, it just looks great!

Our new HDSLR ScoopNews page

Why do we do some of the things we do?

First, I've seen criticism of scoop.it on twitter and other places – people who don't understand what is going on seem to consider it “post stealing” or just a way to get page hits. That's exactly not what we're trying to do here!

One of the new trends in blogging (and if you think about it, this is what planet5D has been doing for a long time – people used to call it aggregation) is ‘curation‘ – or news gathering if you want. You want someone to go find the important information for you so you don't have to visit 20 blogs just to find the meat. That's where my ‘curation' of the news comes into play! And with scoop.it, now I have the ability to post the vital news on the planet5D blog and all the other stuff on the ScoopNews page! If you're on twitter and see me include the #HDSLRscoop hash tag, then you'll know it is taking you to the ScoopNews page.

Tweet half-life

Studies have recently shown that the ‘half-life' of a tweet is about an hour… meaning that if someone doesn't see it in the first hour it is up, they're likely not to see it. I've been dinged for posting the same item on twitter more than once a day – but you know what? That's my job – to get the news out! That's the main reason you're following me on twitter isn't it? So if you don't catch something I post in that first hour, you still want to see it (hopefully).

And I firmly believe in the ‘half-life' idea – people are busy and their streams are full – so if I want something to be seen by a wider audience (naysayers will say I'm only after page-hits), then it has to be published multiple times – or it has to live in some way where it can be seen longer than just one tweet. That's one reason why I'm using the scoop news. There's chance you'll be able to see these news tidbits if they're all saved in one spot.

Multiple Clicks?

One of the criticisms for using a tool like scoop.it is there potentially are 2 or more clicks to get to the meat of the story (assuming you see a tweet for example)… and that's likely true. But, here's the purpose… again, going back to the tweet half-life, if I just post a tweet point to blogxyz, some people will see the tweet and read the story – but those who don't see the tweet will NEVER see the item I posted.

If I post it on the HDSLRscoop page, it lives a lot longer and scoop.it gives me the ability to post the link to multiple places as well. So instead of a tweet that maybe lives an hour and then is lost, the important news from blogxyz is now visible from twitter, facebook, tumblr (bet you didn't even know I had a tumblr page did ya?), the HDSLRnews page (because there's a widget there on that page), plus there's also a scoop widget on the right sidebar of every page on the planet5D blog!

Just look at all those extra opportunities for you to see the news!

Not stealing

I've also seen people say that tools like scoop.it are just ways to ‘steal' the hits from the original site – again, that's far from the truth. I very rarely ever re-post an entire story. My feeling is the golden rule – do unto others… – I sure don't want someone taking all of my original content, so I don't do it to others. So I post part of the story with a link back to the original site – if you're interested, you'll go to the originating site to read the whole story. I know several sites that don't do that and frankly, it pisses me off! I also (almost) always give credit for the source of the story (sometimes I lose the source – hey, I'm human).

One thing critics fail to realize is that every blog or site has an audience of people – and if you go back to your math class and think about Venn diagrams – each site's audience may partially overlap another site's audience – but rarely are they 100%. So my job is to find the top news, tips, videos etc and report them to you – because likely you're not in all of those site's audiences and you're reling on me to expand your horizons and bring you the good stuff – but not to steal it! My job is to give you the highlights and send you to the other site for all the data.

My job

Sure, page hits are important to me and my advertisers – without some good numbers, this blog wouldn't feed me and my family. However, that's not my main goal – my goal is to make planet5D the best resource for HDSLR news and for you to find what you need and hopefully come back because you did find planet5D filled with the news you need and it wasn't hard to read.

With 3 different ways to find the best HDSLR news, I'm sure you will find planet5D a place to come back to!


I'm happy to take questions and comments! After all, without you, planet5D would be nothing… so please let me know what you think in the comments!

(cover photo credit: snap from outer space (does anyone read this?))


  1. Hey Mitch,

    We appreciate you taking the time to explain all this. Planet5D has gained quite an audience in the last couple years, and so I’m sure you often find yourself in positions where it’s impossible to please everyone.

    I think this is especially the case in regards to your Twitter stream. Some are very thorough readers, who log in and make sure to read every new tweet in their stream, while others who follow hundreds of people will simply read the newest ones until they get bored and move on to something else online. Either way, it puts you in a tough spot.

    Thanks for all you do, and keep up the good work. I think the site is a great resource and it wouldn’t be half as good if you weren’t committed to bringing us good content and were more worried about maxing out your clicks.

    1. Author

      Thank you Ty. I do try to please everyone, that’s why there are now multiple ways to get some of the news… but you’re right, I can’t please them all.

      Thanks for your kind words!

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