Top 5 Canon EOS C300 questions with answers from Larry Thorpe

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Last week, we posted a note from the Rule Boston Camera Canon EOS C300 preview thing and we've found another update from Chris Portal that gives some additional details about the Canon EOS C300 via questions posed to Larry Thorpe that have some important answers. There are lots of complaints about the Canon EOS C300 not being 4k or not having 10 bit – well, if you're one of those folks, you need to read Chris' post!


A little late in posting this, but finally wrote up my notes from Thursday’s “pub night” at Rule Boston Camera, featuring Canon’s Larry Thorpe and their soon-to-be-released EOS C300 camera, which has been making waves the last few months.

For those who don’t know Larry, he is co-writer of the original spec for HD TV, and an “engineer’s engineer”, as he was introduced that night. Having heard him speak a couple of times now, I would go a step further and describe Larry as a savvy marketeer, knowing how to work his crowd and exude so much excitement and confidence, it was infectious. As an aside, it’s actually quite apropos for Larry to be leading Canon into the professional moviemaking business in 2011 and 2012. As Larry shared at a PBS Quality Group Workshop on “Great Frame Rate Debate” (PDF) back in 2010, this isn’t the first time he’s played an instrumental role in helping a major camera manufacturer step into the moviemaking business…

I'm not going to steal Chris' thunder by posting all the answers… so please read his post: The Canon EOS C300 by Larry Thorpe | Chris Portal.

(cover photo credit: snap from Chris' post which he gives credit to Boston Rule)


  1. I love the Canon C300 in every way humanly possible BUT, however the price range is beyond anybody’s touch and redicously over price. You can get a red scarlet for 9k basic and 15k fully loaded. The better way to do this is to be more competitive in the filmakers market it allow the C300 to be in the price range of around 9k to 10k range would far more great and blow the Red competitor out of the water, yet more filmmakers can afford the camera by farand appreciate the value of it as well. Over all for the sence of humur part of it, Give me a ring and say I Doooooo to the C300 with cimema Lens on it. Funny I know LOL. You’d have to love that one. But I love the C300 over all and any camera on the market. This will be the Camera I will upgrade too for life. It is my Baby….. This is one sexy camera for sure…..

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