The unseen Canon EOS C300 “test” movie – “Parallel”

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I can't tell you how far behind on some things I am because frankly I don't have a way to quantify it – but I've got a dozen or so Canon EOS C300 stories I haven't yet made time to publish – but I just found this Canon EOS C300 ‘test' movie that hasn't been covered by anyone yet (and only has about 650 views in the 12 days it has been online) so I thought I'd try to get it some attention. Most of my other Canon EOS C300 stories have been covered by other blogs so you've probably seen them already anyway.

This is a simple story with what appears to be a Canon EOS C300 movie trait – a time or space warping of some kind (remember Vincent Laforet's film “Mobius”?).

There are also plenty of BTS photos on the movie's vimeo page

Hope you enjoy!


[tentblogger-vimeo 34751772]


PRONEWS asked me to write a review on EOS C300 over the last year-end. To explore the camera and its potential in the shortest time, I decided to shoot a short film with it …for, after all, its a Cinema EOS, right?. Knowing it would be a no-budget project, I wrote a simple script and called up some friends to see if they had the time to donate for the project. So this is how this little piece was born. I hope youd enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed creating it.Bonze : Ichiro Anabuki | Gent : Uoken | Special Appearance : Eriko Sugawara | Producer : Yuichi Hori | DP & Steadicam Operation : Akihiro Kanai | Assistant Camera : Hiroshi Iwanaga | Gaffer : Chikashi Ichinose | Grip : Hiroaki Kurosawa | 3D Modelling & VFX : Yuji Yoshikai | Title Calligraphy : Eririn | Title Design & Animation : Takashi Ueda | Still Photo : Reika Matsubayashi | Advisor : Kazunori Murabayashi | Written, Directed and Edited : raitankPRONEWS raitank blog :

[source: tweet from @documovie]

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. Thank you, Planet Mitch. I’ve long been an avid reader of your blogs that I’m proud now to be on your page!

    And just to be a bit precise, our little piece ‘Parallel’ only became open to public TODAY! Any views counted before today were in fact by our staff constantly checking the progress. So ‘about 650 views’ a day mean a lot to us, actually! 😀

    And sorry for the embedding disabled! I changed the status so that now you can!

    Thanks again!

    Raitank, from Tokyo

  2. Simple story and yet beautifully executed!
    I also really loved the aesthetic of it.

    Well done !

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