The Digital Convergence Podcasts – a few good ones (because I was on! HA)

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Even tho I've been taking a sabbatical from the planet5D podcasts, I have been active over on Carl Olson's Digital Convergence podcast – and I thought you'd like to listen in because we've had a great time talking about all sorts of different topics.

Here's last week's episode

Dave Dugdale (, planetMitch (, Chris Fenwick ( and I span the four major timezones of the continental United States in Episode 59 of the Digital Convergence Podcast.

planetMitch rounds up the latest Canon 5D Mark III – the fabled successor of the long-in-the-tooth Canon 5D Mark II – rumors in the wild (literally, in Kenya of all places) and weighs in with his analysis of the unidentified Canon camera photographed by Stephen Oachs.

Carl's podcast notes and links to things we talked about in the show

Here's the links for this show:

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More shows!

As I said, I've been on a couple of other shows and here are links to those shows.

All the other episodes Carl has done aren't worth listening to since I'm not on them (well, there are a couple of them including the first one he ever did) but he's doing a great job with them – so you should listen in!

(cover photo credit: snap from the podcast blog)

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