Subtle slider action – with a filmmaking message

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This popped on my radar the other day and it just made me chuckle so I'm sharing it… it has a good message for all of us budding filmmakers who constantly come up with excuses for not getting out and doing something.

Subtle Slider Action…


So I'm pretty stoked to have one of these things. I actually hated them for a long time for no apparent reason….maybe because I knew I sucked at using them…but all I needed was a little practice. The thing that got me buying was having the idea that I could shoot a "crane" shot…kinda…..if I tilted the slider onto it's side! And, I'm wrapped with the results. It's such a subtle movement but it adds magic to a shot in a way that the obvious Glidecam can't. It's now a part of my kit and will go everywhere I go. I love this shit!!

Camera > Canon 5D mark II (using CiniStyle picture preset)

Lenses used > 24mm f2.8 (Nikkor AiS and Olympus Zuiko – all shot at f11)

Slider model > Opteka 23" from eBay ($159)

Color Grade/Editing software > EDIUS 6

The Boy > Robert Bonnici (Thanks man!)

via Subtle Slider Action… on Vimeo.

[source: tweet]

(cover photo credit: snap from the snap Matthew Scott added to the vimeo post of his girlfriend)


  1. Great message! This should get legs even outside the photography world.


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