“Playing With Fire” – Bruce Dorn’s Canon EOS C300 video

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I've been blessed to meet Canon Explorer of Light Bruce Dorn a couple of times now and he's a real pleasure to sit down and talk to – so when I saw he had his hands on a Canon EOS C300, well, I just had to post his video and link to his blog where he talks about the Canon EOS C300.

“Playing With Fire”

"Playing With Fire" - A Passion Play (click to watch - sorry embed wasn't allowed)

Some of Bruce's thoughts

This is a small snippet of his post – so please read "Playing With Fire" – A Passion Play | iDC Photo Video!

Gosh, I sure had a blast shooting with the new Canon Cinema EOS C300 last week. The camera arrived just before Christmas Eve and while I had an evening to test it under "Exterior – Night" conditions, I never saw the first lick of flame 'til the proverbial "Take One". That said, I’m very pleased with the my brief fling with this landmark Canon camera and I hope you enjoy viewing this little passion play as much as we enjoyed creating it…

Man, oh man, this is one really sweet camera. Strip it down or dress it up, it’s very easy to love. I, myself, have a soft spot for strippers – so to speak – and I generally try to keep things light and loose, camera-wise. Unlike many other C300 samples you might have seen, this clip was the product of a very tiny crew – just me, my assistant, and a friend who volunteered to bring his jib-arm out for a couple of hours. We worked with what I consider to be minimal production gear.

Not to put too fine of a point on it but when I share that we had just one camera battery, savvy readers will fully understand that this was truly a “minimalist” production. Working light usually means working fast and we were only on-location for about seven hours total, spread over two evenings. I recall having more than 25% of the battery left at the end of each evening and that really blew me away. Having done a lot of shooting with the battery-hungry HDSLR cameras, I habitually shut down any camera when I’m not actually setting a shot or shooting and this action undoubtedly contributed to the excellent battery life we experienced.

This particular C300 body was “EOS-mount”, rather than PL, and that meant I was able to work with very familiar glass. Both my Editor and I love lots of coverage options so I shot through Canon EOS lenses ranging from 14mm to 400mm with zooms being prominent. Yes, yes, I know, I’m very lucky to have assembled a lovely collection of premium Canon glass but I don’t own anything that hasn’t paid for itself, time and time again. While the investment can indeed be substantial, I prefer “owning” over “renting” because it means I can accept last minute opportunities – like this one – with minimal stress. Did you ever try renting premium camera gear on Christmas Eve in a semi-rural town? Good luck with that. We also used this opportunity to wring out the first production sample of our new 12" SYSTEM ONE Follow-Focus Kit for the C300. It’s compact, gearless, shockingly affordable, and – wait for it, wait for it – Coming Soon!

via "Playing With Fire" – A Passion Play | iDC Photo Video.

[source: tweet from WesternDigital]

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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