planet5D poll: Which large sensor video camera is currently the best?

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2011 and early 2012 have certainly been wonderful for those who are wanting to have a large sensor video camera (do we make up a new acronym? LSV?)

So I thought what better time to ask the question about which one is currently king of the hill – and yes, I know that there are very few of some of these cameras even available to try out. With all the brewhaha over the Scarlet-X and the Canon EOS C300, we thought we should at least find out what everyone is thinking will be the winner in this batch.

Poll Question:

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. You mean for shooting a narrative film? Or a wedding? Or a corporate industrial? Or greenscreen? Or perhaps you mean on-man-band? Or maybe a full crew? Oh wait, I think the question refers to steadicam work. Wait…maybe time lapse? Or perhaps the camera best for slow motion?

    Need I go on?

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