OMG! teen shoots Canon EOS 5D Mark II movie for £2700 and gets distribution deal!

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According to this story Denton Distribution, Making a Norwegian kid’s dream come true Andre Rettedal has made “Four Hours (imdb link)” for £2700 and then turned around and sold it at the Cannes Film Festival! That's determination!

Plus, you can even buy “Four Hours” on Amazon UK!

Making a Norwegian kid’s dream come true

Born in a Norwegian fishing village, Andre up and left everything he knew and everyone he loved to chase his dreams. Being raised in a fishing village, his life was simple and unspectacular. However, that was not enough for him, like many of us, he had dreams but unlike many of us, he took the risk and he went for it!

Growing up, Andre was constantly in front of the television very curious of how everything worked. Unfortunately he could not afford to ask his mum to take him to the cinema every weekend, but he was an avid follower of films that were broadcasted on standard television. At an early age he knew what he wanted to be: “I want to become a director!”

After begging his parents to invest in him, he booked his plane ticket and came to London with nothing more than his grandfather’s suitcase and his beloved script, which he had been working on since he was 15 years old. Although Andre only had £3000, he was determined to make his film! With hard graft and determination he found a team and he got it made. Andre achieved what most people find impossible – He completed his film in 6 days! 6 full days of filming and directing, 6 hard days of trying to communicate with everyone.

This is his baby! His brain child. He made the film 6 days with exactly £2700 and guess what? Against all odds, it sold at the Cannes Film Festival (2011).

Denton Distribution have made a Norwegian kid, who struggles to even speak English, a very ecstatic person and are now distributing the film worldwide. Who says you need £1million to make a film? Andre has proved all you need is £3000 and a lot of determination. Recently lauded as the “Norwegian Tarantino” by Norwegian Press, Andre’s future is bright!

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Some photos

Scene from "Four Hours"

Andre Rettedal with a collection of his DVDs

[source: tweet]

Congrats to Andre!

Now, what are you waiting for? Get out and shoot!

(cover photo credit: snap from Andre's facebook page)


  1. I’d like to see a link to a video teaser or something just to see a little bit of the excitement.

  2. hey united photography, ya its great he didnt waste it on a music video, or a wedding, or a commercial. or get this, a tv show! can you imagine if that camera was used for anything besides film?!! wtf!! the world would collapse on itself sucking you into the black hole first, asshole.

  3. Thanks for this article, saw the trailer, looks good for a low budget film. Just about to buy the movie now.

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