More from the Canon prototype posted yesterday! Clear photo plus a poll about what you think!

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There's a follow up from Stephen Oachs who posted the images with the new prototype body and lenses from Canon – he also explain how they got the shots and even include a RAW image (which we've extracted and blown up below)… oh, and we've added a poll at the bottom of this post to tell us which camera you think this might be!

Here's our post from yesterday about this: “Canon EOS 5D Mark III or Canon EOS 7D mk II prototype discovered?” [source: post “5D Mark III (or other) Followup”]

Snip from the blog

Over the past 24 hours I have received accusations that the photos I posted earlier today Jan 23rd of what appears to be prototype Canon 200-400mm, 600mm lenses and a mystery Canon camera body, are fake.I assure everyone these images are real. They are not photoshopped, faked or manipulated in any way. Below is a link to the RAW file that I took with my Canon 1Ds Mark III using a Canon 100-400mm lens:

Find the link to the RAW in Stephen's post here

Photo from RAW

here's our edit from the RAW image Stephen Oachs posted…

Stephen Oachs photo of Canon prototype - click for monster size

Stephen Oachs photo of Canon prototype - click for monster size

read the whole story! APERTURE ACADEMY – Fine Art Photography Gallery, Digital Photography Workshops: Follow-up Post RE: Prototype Canon Products Written About on This Blog.


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(cover photo credit: snap from the post yesterday)


  1. Simply due to the lack of a pop-up built-in flash, I’m leaning toward 5D MkIII. I need to upgrade… just release the darn thing already! 🙂

  2. Why is there a separate button for movie recording? I hoped that is over since 1dx won’t have one. Bummer.

  3. Some interesting changes on this new camera. Not sure how I feel about a fixed battery grip, I like the light compact feel without one, not to mention fitting it in camera bags and on rigs etc. Not sure what Zig means above about a separate video button – it has the live view switch same as on the 7D, an improvement on the existing 5DII. Does look like a 5DIII/X as no flash. The digital zoom using the scroll wheel as indicated on the back screen looks interesting, hope this is quicker than the current 5x then 10x option, could be more useful to get critical focus before recording. Would be excellent if it could do this during recording! Any suggestions to what the ‘RATE’ button and the one above it could be? I see the Menu and Info buttons have made way for them, compared to the 7D.

    1. the battery grip is removable… notice the locking wheelbetween the camera and the grip…
      Looks like a 7D II with no built in flash!
      Also looks like it’s been in testing for quite a while; notice the dust buildup in the on-off swich area. That takes a while to build up.

  4. I see there’s some kind of birds head in the LCD screen and it’s zoomed way in… hope that means the focus is going to be accurate this time around! I purchased the 5DII in a moment of weakness due to the “low” price. I’m still happy!

  5. What’s the Rate button all about? I hope not rating images… that’s the last thing I want to do while shooting!

  6. Did anyone else notice the icons in the bottom right of the LCD? Looks like they’ve changed the zoom mechanism to use the front finger wheel rather than dual-purpose the focus point and lock buttons. Nice.

  7. Hopeing it is the 5dIII and is priced right. Not really interested in the movie but having said that it just might spark a intrest.
    There were 2 different cameras from the pic’s, one had the removable grip one had an lcd screen on the builton grip.
    I am strickly a amature but I do have a lust for a full frame camera and some nice glass. 20d to a 50d and now
    it looks like I am going to get the 5dIII (so nice to be retired)

  8. Canon has merged the 1d and 1ds lines. I have a feeling they might merge other lines as well, namely the 7d and 5d or 5ds. C’mon father time, hurry!

  9. dont see how there is enough room for two cf cards. the door looks just like the size of the 7d all be here it looks rubber. as a 7d owner i just can see how they could get two cards in that area without going to sd or the new sony xqsd something. if it is cf then it will be a damn tight fit.

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