L’Oreal/UNESCO ‘For Women in Science Video’ shot with Canon DSLRs…with a little help from the XF 305

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Our good friend Drew Gardner sent us this interesting short we thought we'd share… it was shot mainly on HDSLRs but they also used the XF 305 (again showing how well the HDSLRs mix with other camera output).

Lan Bui and I recently shot this video project for UNESCO L'Oreal and their ‘For Women in Science' award.

All shot on Canon EOS 5D Mark II and the 550d (T2i) it was a blast.

L'Oreal/UNESCO ‘For Women in Science Video'

Drew tells a bit about the shoot

I was commissioned to shoot a video for a very cool project earlier this year

The L'Oreal UNESCO ‘For Women is Science' award which aims to ‘promote and highlight the critical importance of ensuring greater participation of women in Science'

Every year a bursary is given to four women in the UK and in other countries around the world to help women fund their research.

In this world of increasing sexual equality there are still a great disparity of women working in science, so this is a particularly cool programme.

The subject of the short film was Dr Heather Whitney who is studying iridescence in plants.

Iridescent plants have to been seen to be believed.

It was a particularly challenging project as it involved everything from interviews to working in glasshouses to shooting slow motion of insects.

This project used just about every video capable camera I own (as well as a loaner Achromatic Phase One back)

We shot parts of the interview on a Canon XF305 but apart from that it was a Canon DSLR only zone as we wanted to use a shallow depth of field and the light weight of the camera's enabled us to have a bit of fun by making out own Jib Crane, as though the shoot was on a very tight budget we wanted to do some imaginative shots but more of that later.

via The Photographic World of Drew Gardner: L'Oreal/UNESCO ‘For Women in Science Video' shot with Canon DSLR's…with a little help from the XF 305.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. Oh my god, the edit is way too dense. No offense – I love the visuals, the story and the interviewee sounds very charming – but the edit just stacks sound bite after sound bite and makes me quite anxious. Theres an art to editing and its called pacing. This piece would be so much better with that as a part of it.

  2. Nicely done! I do agree with Brett, one sound bite, after another, after another, could be paced a little better as this approach makes all your audio edits stick out like a sore thumb. Very nicely shot, I really like this short, it just needs a little smoothing out and it’s a winner!

  3. Yes, very nice visuals and camera work but the audio editing really degrades the overall impact. A slower pace would also serve to further highlight the visuals.

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