Yet another hands on with the Canon EOS C300

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You guys asked for more large sensor video (LSV) coverage and so here's another story on the Canon EOS C300. There appear to be about 45 prototypes floating around and everyone (but me) is getting their hands on one and our friend Casey Warren (@mindcastle) got to play with one for a few days and put together this very complete hands on report.

Also included is his Canon EOS C300 short – after the jump as they say.

Intro from Mindcastle


For me, this has been the year of cameras. So many times have Danielle and I had discussions on what camera should we upgrade to next, or which one will we like the most, or if we bought said camera, will it help book more jobs? Or does that even matter? Can we afford it? How will we pay it off? The list goes in circles… so many questions swirling around that we've almost gone crazy over the issue & we get mad at each other every time we talk about camera upgrades. I can see this same frustration with many others in the industry as well, where discussions about the what the technology can or can't do overshadows discussions about technique & how or why to do something.

What we have come to realize is that in the end it really comes down to three key things that "what gear you have" has no effect on: Story, Vision, & Voice. Each of these things are attainable simply by going out and shooting as much as you can: Learn. Evolve. Repeat. 


My hopes for 2012 are for it to be a year of change. Not necessarily because a whole bunch of new ones are going to be released, but more so because the industry itself is evolving rapidly. A few years ago, HD was the limit and 4K was a luxury — and now we are getting ever closer to 4K becoming the new high definition, and HD (1920×1080) the minimum standard. This years' CES show exemplified this with the many 4K television & projector announcements.

On the 4K (or beyond) resolution end there is Sony with the F65, RED with the Epic, Canon with the prototype 4k camera we dont know the name of yet, JVC with the super compact 4k camcorder, and ARRI with their "in the works" 4K version of something similar to the ALEXA. 

The most important thing to take from these new and future cameras is that things are changing. And well, if the worlds going it end, at least there will be alot of great cameras to capture it with. 🙂 

But, enough about whats coming… and more about what's already here (and purchasable soonish). 

That's just a small section of Casey's post – please go read the whole thing! Hello 2012! & the C300.

The Ferry|Canon EOS C300

[tentblogger-vimeo 35027294] [source: tweet from @joesimon]

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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