Ok, I admit it right up front, this has very little to do with HDSLR (tho there is a very short clip of an RC drone with a DSLR on it but I don’t know if the whole clip was filmed with it)… but this is just cool and I love the concept – so I’m sharing it with you!

Remote Control planes made to look like people flying around the city of New York. Superman anyone?

Flying People in New York City

Description from youtube

Three human shaped RC planes were flown around New York City to create the illusion of people flying. Lots of fun.

The music track is "Unstoppable 2" by Tom Quick. Get it here: www.audionetwork.com/production-music/unstoppable_45675.aspx

via Flying People in New York City – YouTube.

[source: tweet from paul joy]

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)