Dan Chung interviews Nikon’s James Banfield about the video functions of the D4

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Our good friend Dan Chung got a chance to visit Nikon to learn more about the just announced Nikon D4 and has shared what he has learned on his blog DSLR News Shooter.

Nikon D4 Video Demo from Dan Chung

Yesterday I had a chance to get a hands-on with a pre-production Nikon D4 at the company’s UK headquarters. James Banfield of Nikon UK demonstrates the video functions in the video below.

We tried the camera’s clean HDMI output with the Zacuto EVF and Atomos Ninja and I can confirm that it works. We also tried the headphone output and the audio functions of the camera and I’m pleased to report they also work as expected.

[tentblogger-vimeo 34720376]


Dan has included a lot more information on his blog – so please give it a visit: DSLR News Shooter | Nikon’s James Banfield demonstrates the video functions of the D4.

(cover photo credit: snap from Dan's page)


  1. The clean HDMI out is pretty impressive! However, what if you’re not using an external recorder, is there anyway to bake the camera info into the hdmi signal like current DSLRs? I could see people complaining about that if you had to take your eye out of the EVF and look at the back of the camera just to see what the shutter speed and aperture is, seeing as the EVF signal would be ‘clean’. It’s almost like you need two HDMI outs in the camera – one for monitoring, and one for clean HDMI out,

  2. As a Canon 5DmkII & 7D owner, all I can say is, ‘WOW’! I’m waiting for more info on the 1Dx but…. Wow. This D4 is pretty impressive.

  3. Wow, is right! I have a 60D and 7D – a bunch of “L” glass primes and zooms – and the usual assortment of Kessler and Zacuto support gear. But I just spent two weeks shooting stills with a Nikon D700 and can’t say how impressed I am with the Nikon pro gear. That stuff is built like a tank. With this new Nikon D4 I am really starting to doubt my investment in Canon. The D4 seems to have everything that we Canon owners have been wishing for – in terms of video. I sure wish we could use Canon glass on Nikon bodies. If that were the case, I’d order a D4 today!

  4. On paper, this camera is far superior to the 1Dx. I don’t feel bad about hanging onto my 5D, 7D & glass (for now) but it seems as if Nikon was listening closely to what we have been asking for in a HDSLR/DSLR while Canon seems to have just improved what they already have.

    That being said, the good thing about Canon cameras & lenses is that they all keep their value for resale.

    Canon has also threatened the public with a different versiion of the 1D with a red ‘C’ on the body, indicating that this will aimed more at the requests of cinematographers. So it remains to be seen if the 4D dethrones the Canon. The ball is in Canon’s court to do the trumping.

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