The Cinevate Dromos Bowl Riser

Cinevate announces the Dromos Bowl Riser

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Cinevate sent us this Dromos Bowl Riser PR last week and quite frankly, since I don't do a lot of “heavy lifting” video, I wasn't totally sure what you'd use this for… so I asked Cinevate for some help. I wanted to know what a ‘riser' was used for and what is a ‘hi hat'?

the Dromos Bowl Riser helps users attain any imaginable setup, whether it's vertical horizontal or diagonal, ensuring they have full control over their perspective and creative vision.

A Hi Hat is a way to get super low shots while maintaining the ability to use a video or fluid head, which includes being able to level it. Think of it as putting the camera on the ground for a low shot, but with a tool like this you can still get pan and tilt action with a tripod head, as well as leveling capability.

They also said a video would be coming that will further show why you'd want to get one of these, but I didn't want to hold up the post to wait for that.

Description from Cinevate

We're happy to announce Cinevate's newest offering; the Dromos Bowl Riser. We think users will find it a necessity for heavy slider rigging, especially for those who run in horizontal, vertical, and diagonal configurations. The Riser isn't limited to just sliders as it functions as a cheesed-out hi hat, allowing for low shots while maintaining leveling and orientation control. The built-in cheese points allow for near endless mounting capabilities, whether it's to mount and secure the rig or to attach a monitor and other accessories. Currently available exclusively at at introductory pricing (for a limited time).

The Cinevate Dromos Bowl Riser

The Cinevate Dromos Bowl Riser with video head and camera

Dromos Bowl Riser

– The cheese-plate construction allows you to securely mount your camera anywhere
– Level your camera in any position;
– Versatile hi-hat achieves ultra low shots with maximum control and stability
– Strong enough to mount camera rigs 90 degrees
– Accepts 100mm ball natively and 75mm with adapter
– Delivers countless accessory mounting options

Visit the Dromos Bowl Riser page for more info!

This photo may also help you understand when you might use one of these risers:

the Dromos Bowl Riser on a slider with camera

the Dromos Bowl Riser on a slider with camera

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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