Canon EOS 60D travels the USA to create a unique “Drivelapse”

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I seem to have been in a timelapse fever lately – but this one has gotten national attention and it is a bit different than the ones we've posted lately… a USA Drivelapse sent in by Brian DeFrees

I recently returned from a 12,225 mile roadtrip around the United States. During my trip I summarized each day in photos using the iPhone apps “Picframe” and “Instagram”. When I was traveling in my car I was shooting photos from my Canon 60D every 5 seconds with an intervalometer. When I was parked for the night or exploring an area on foot I was constantly timelapsing. I used the Canon 60D and captured to 16GB cards and then used my old school PowerBook to offload the cards while I was driving.

USA Drivelapse/Timelapse Project

[tentblogger-youtube Tt-juyvIWMQ]

NewsChannel 9 WSYR Interview:

Hey Guys, If you haven't seen it on YouTube already here is my roadtrip around the US I took this summer.Around 200,000 images and 2.5 Hours of footage cut down to 5 Minutes. ENjoy!

About this video:
“***Watch in 1080p with annotations displaying what state i'm in on Youtube:

Roadtrip Timelapse / Drivelapse video from my 12,225 mile cross country roadtrip around the USA from August 2011 – October 2011 compressed into 5 minutes.

Music Credits: Waking Lights – “The Sounds”
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Featured on:
Huffington Post
CBS News
ABC News
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(cover photo credit: snap from Brian's page showing his trip on a map)

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