Canon EOS 5D Mark III rumor roundup – eye focus? March? GPS? Megapixel race?

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Well, with all the rumor postings in the last week, I guess it is time to do a roundup of the Canon EOS 5D Mark III rumors…

Summary of possibilites:

  • GPS to be included?
  • Sticking to 21 mp?
  • March Announcement?
  • Eye controlled focusing system?


Here are the links to the rumors summarized below:


from Keith over at northlight-images
— first I've heard of the 5D3 possibly being renamed the 5D X in similar way as the Canon EOS-1D X

January 20th Several comments have suggested that an all new version of the 24-70/2.8L will be a kit option for the 5D3 (or 5D X as several would like to call it).

I note that 24-70 replacement rumours pops up very regularly, although this time, IS hasn't been mentioned. I was just looking at the archives and notice both 24-70 and 100-400 replacements being mentioned back in 2007.
I'm not holding my breath…

19th More 5D3 rumour chatter [CR], meanwhile we're told that the 5D2 replacement will be on view at the UK Focus show in March, which would suggest a launch for CP+

I'm going to the show, which also should also see Olympus's new take on the ‘OM' brand and maybe a D800 on view. I'm not rating this 5D3 for Focus rumour too highly at the moment, given we were told that it would appear -after- the 1DX started shipping.

I note too the prices suggested for the D800 with ($3k) and without AA filter ($3k9) offer a splendid new revenue stream for higher end cameras.

from several posts (see links above)

Less is more?
The new Canon mantra? A long while ago, we had heard the next version of the 5D Mark III would sport a 30+ megapixel file. We've heard recently that the Nikon D800 would be announced with a 36mp sensor.

The latest I've heard about the 5D Mark III's sensor, and it comes from multiple places. Is we're going to see it remain in the neighbourhood of 21mp. I've been told both 21mp or 22mp from various people.

The most consistent mention is March for an announcement. I think they'll announce a 5D mark III type camera after the February 7, 2012 announcement of the Nikon D800.

Minimal Specs
Two communications came in tonight about 5D Mark III sightings in an Asian nation. One mentioned the 5D Mark III getting GPS related certification, no mention of what that certification was called. It was also said the camera doesn't have a high number of autofocus points compared to the 7D or 1D series bodies.

The second communication talked about a prototype having eye control autofocus. This sort of rumour hasn't appeared for a long time, but lots of people have fond memories of the eye controlled AF of the EOS-3. There was also a mention of the camera being capable of 5fps.

Summary of 5D Mark III features mentioned today.

  • GPS Enabled
  • Less than 19 AF points
  • Eye control autofocus
  • 5fps


Canon leaks information about the 5D Mark III having a 22mp sensor, GPS related certification, less autofocus points than the 7D or 1D and having Eye Controlled Autofocus System.

Its been a while since we heard of this sort of Eye Controlled AF technology being used, lots of people have memories of the eye controlled AF of the EOS-3. It was also a mentioned of the 5D Mark III would be capable of 5fps.

Summary of 5D Mark III features.

  • GPS Enabled
  • Expect sensor to be 22mp instead of 30mp
  • Less than 19 AF points
  • Eye control autofocus
  • 5fps
  • Look for February for an announcement and a Shipping date in March along with the D800.

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  1. Thanks very much. I will watiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing for the name of 5d mark 3 explosion in video/photography

  2. If that’s what the UPGRADE has. I won’t be even slightly desiring to buy one. My next camera will have raw video capability. THAT’s what I want in a camera.

  3. if you follow roger deakins on twitter then you would have seen his tweets from back in the late summer about the 5d mkiii. he mentioned 32MP, 3K raw, and HDSDI out.

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