Canon applies for patent on RAW video?

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This was just posted on twitter by @loricnet and I'm posting it to get the word out quickly – I admit that I don't understand it yet, but Canon filed for a patent on “RECORDING SUCCESSIVE FRAMES OF RAW SENSOR DATA DEPICTING A MOVING SCENE” – it was filed on July 21, 2010 and the document was published today, Jan 26, 2012

Update: Just to be clear — I admit I don't understand much about what this patent says and whether it has any impact on other vendors. I've been told on twitter that RED has a different “method” of doing RAW video with REDCODE Raw and so likely this patent wouldn't impact them… hey, I'm learning here just like you guys!

Patent Abstract

The recording of successive frames of raw sensor data depicting a moving scene is provided. The raw sensor data comprises pixel data for an image sensor having pixels arranged in correspondence to a mosaic of plural different colors in a color filter array. A first sampling mosaic pattern for sampling the pixel data at a first resolution is designated. A second sampling mosaic pattern for sampling the pixel data at a second resolution which is lower than the first resolution is designated. One of the first or the second sampling mosaic patterns is selected for a frame by applying a predetermined rule. Pixel data of the frame is sampled using the selected sampling mosaic pattern. The sampled pixel data for the frame is recorded onto a recording medium.


Like I said, I've just seen this and so I don't quite understand it yet, maybe my friend Craig over at will help me out.

I also can't get the images to display

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. It doesn’t matter whether you understand the patent abstract. The patent is almost certainly for something trivial and obvious — apparently for recording the RAW data at multiple resolutions — but it will be granted, regardless.

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