Ok, I confess, I’ve been an astronomy geek since I was a young boy and tho I don’t know which camera shot this, it doesn’t matter (how many times have we heard that lately?) – this is just a beautiful sequence of something rarely seen and so I had to show it to you! St├ęphane Guisard has captured something that takes your breath away.

Comet Lovejoy above the Andes

Another view – this one from the space station!

When looking for other videos of this comet, I found this amazing one shot from the space station!

More on comet Lovejoy

St├ęphane Guisard has posted some photos of the comet on his website

Comet Lovejoy seems to have been a very sudden appearance tho I haven’t heard much about it… tho it has garnered a nickname of “The Great Christmas Comet of 2011″ – an interesting read over on pcmag.com discusses more of its history.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)