@stillmotion’s “Prelude: The Making of A Game of Honor” – BTS on their HDSLR Army/Navy Documentary

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Those of you following planet5D for a while know we love to show off what Patrick Moreau and his team at @stillmotion are doing – and you'll be blown away by this behind the scenes look at their upcoming Showtime feature “Game of Honor”. Mostly shot on HDSLRs (they use the Canon HDSLRs but there might be some Red material in there somewhere).

I don't have showtime, but I sure do want to see this feature somehow! And I'd love to be at the premier but that's what I get for living in the middle of the country I guess.

We've had Patrick on the planet5D podcast (watch replay here) and tonight, Karen Abad & Cristina Valdivieso will have Patrick on their podcast at 8:30 EST (Thursday Dec 15th)

Prelude: The Making of A Game of Honor

Teaser from Cinevate

Dennis Wood from Cinevate wrote this introduction:

A few short weeks ago we showed you a trailer and behind the scenes shots from the CBS/Showtime documentary “Game of Honor” shot by our pals over at Stillmotion. Further to that post a 30 minute special aired on CBS and Showtime that gave viewers a sneak peak at how the documentary was shot.

If you have a look at Stillmotion's shooter showcase going back a few years, you'll note Patrick speaking about a desire to do a documentary somewhere in the near future. Their recruitment by the NFL franchise saw them on the field at the last two Superbowls, and next thing you know, engaged in the “A Game of Honor” doc with over 100 shoot days. Naturally when Patrick approached Cinevate for some help in putting on a premiere for the doc, we jumped on it. With that in mind, Cinevate is proud to present the premiere of the film to be shown on December 19th, at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. I'll be flying there personally to take in the Premiere and personally congratulate Patrick and the Stillmotion team on their achievement. A large collection of Cinevate gear was used during the shoot including our Atlas 30 slider, Titan Mattebox, Proteus Cage System, and Simplis base plate system.

Patrick was one of Cinevate's first Brevis35 customers going back 7 years. Since then Stillmotion has continued to push our creative envelope in supplying them with equipment that satisfied their demands of artistic versatility while surviving the punishing regimen of constant field abuse and travel. Anyone who has worked with them knows that gear is only a means to an end, and what doesn't work, gets abandoned (or destroyed!) very quickly. I remain personally inspired and driven to match Patrick's restlessness with gear that enables his team's constant drive to excellence. The evening of the 19th will be a special one indeed for us.

Dennis Wood

[source: Cinevate blog post]

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. If you live in the right area, the video is broken. I suspect it has to do with lawyers, and a general misunderstanding of digital technology by mass media corporations that cling to obsolete business models that are incompatible with the digital world.

    But don’t worry, YOU can fix the internet by changing a few simple settings:

    1. Open Firefox and go to Tools > Add-ons to open Add-ons Manager
    2. Search for and install the Add-on, “Modify Headers” (
    3. In Add-on Preferences, set:
    Action: “modify”
    Header Name: “X-Forwarded-For”
    Value: “”
    Comment: a descriptive name like, “Fix internet video”
    (Copy and paste the values not including the quote marks.)

    That’s it! You have fixed the internet. Congratulations! Now most internet video will work no matter where you try to use it from. You can now do anything anywhere again.

    (We should really resolve the problem of mass media corporations with science and history. They were middlemen; they made money by owning capital intensive media publishing machines; analog media meant noise was introduced every time a copy was made; the machine for viewing was a different machine than the one for publishing or creating. All of this meant you could sell content because copying was difficult and expensive.

    Personal computers and the internet make media production and distribution cheap. No middleman is required. The machine for consuming is the same machine that creates and publishes. Reproduction is perfect: copies are now ‘clones,’ ie. there is no noise. Copying, or more accurately cloning, is the essential task of a computer. Open, Copy, Cut, Paste, Share, View – everything involves ‘copying.’ As a result, the basis of the analog model of selling content has been obliterated in every aspect.

    Yet, despite this small innovators show you can sell content if it’s more convenient than free. Those who are too big to innovate, bribe politicians to change the laws, to force us to pretend digital media is actually analog media, whatever the cost to everyone else.)

    StillMotion never fails to impress.

  2. We can’t see the video here in Canada?
    What kind of BS?
    And nasty…!

  3. I live in the US and I couldn’t view it from this site. I believe I viewed this via YouTube. I just assumed this was a flash file which doesn’t work on an iPad. Why people still encode with flash, I don’t know.

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