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Thank you for reading planet5D! I'm so blessed to have such an amazing audience and I want you to know how much I appreciate you – and one way I'm doing that is by sharing that love with those around me here in St. Louis that are in need.

You've heard me say it on twitter and elsewhere – I'm so incredibly blessed to be running planet5D and am so thankful for all of you reading our blog! After being laid off almost 2 years ago, it has been incredible to see the support and inspiration you guys have given me – I could have ended up like so many others unemployed and struggling.

So… with all these blessings I feel it only right that I give back. It has been a good year and November and December have been above normal in affiliate income, and so a few days ago on twitter I pledged all of our earnings from affiliates in November thru December 20th would go to charity!

I've done this in the past – and I will continue to do it because I believe that helping others is such a big part of why our community is thriving. I don't make this announcement to toot my own horn, but to challenge you to do the same. I believe that there are times to be private about giving and there are times where you need to be public so that you maybe can inspire others to do something from their own heart. Please, please, please consider helping someone in need! It will warm your heart.

Toys for Tots

I have already given a big chunk of cash to charity, but also this past weekend my daughter and I went to a local toy store and completely loaded up several shopping carts with toys which we delivered to Toys for Tots.

Here are a couple of photos:

The back of the car full of toys

The back of the car full of toys

A little blurry but there's one cart full

A little blurry but there's one cart full


I know many of you are struggling with the economy, but those who can share just a little should be trying very hard to help those who are in trouble.

Just yesterday, @crewsTV, one of our photographer/filmmaking community, had a devastating house fire — if you want to help someone, please consider donating to @crewstv Donate links are here.

As a reminder of how good we have things…

Stefan Werc sent us this reminder of how good life can be – even these people who have very little seem to make do with what they have even tho they are living in some amazing conditions.

There are 2000 families living in the cemetery Navotas. Babies are born on top of the tombs and the dead are buried below.
Life goes on…

[tentblogger-vimeo 33735037]

So please find some way to help!

I know that this season tugs at you in many ways – but let me just attest that doing something for someone who isn't expecting a gift feels so much better than you can imagine!

Please give it a try!

Pay it forward!

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